Sleight of Hand, Twist of Interrogators

The Obama administration is at it again. 

They have promised to go after CIA operatives for using unapproved techniques to extract information from terror suspects. 

These “harsh” tactics include threatening the suspected mastermind of the USS Cole bombing with a gun and a power drill, and threatening to have him watch while his mother is sexually assaulted.  Other tactics include a mock execution, threatening the 9/11 mastermind with killing of his kids. 

Real tough interrogation.  Can’t threaten a person suspected of killing thousands of Americans?  Can’t use a prop like a power drill on an animal who ordered the killing of American sailors?  What’s next?  Can’t give them a harsh look or use forceful language?  Maybe we could flog them with a noodle.  A wet one. 

These guys weren’t random brown people picked up on the street.  These men were investigated, tracked, and a case was built against them.    Many of them were captured in the act of killing US soldiers.  Now we can’t question them for fear of later retribution by a president with slipping approval numbers?  To what lengths will the Obama administration go to embarrass President Bush? 

These are not the questions to ask.  The question to ask is “Why now?”  With the heathcare bill on life support in both the house and the senate, the president has to look strong.  He’s going to get those evil Bush people for torturing poor, innocent middle eastern men.  You wascally wabbit.  It is nothing more than a ploy to divert your attention from the stong arm tactics they plan to use to force a ridiculously bad bill through the house and senate.  We know this because it’s not the first time they have done it. 

In March, singing a chorus of “economic stimulus,” with a bridge of “job creation,” they pulled the CIA investigation out and waved it around.  Obama managed to ram that obamination through, while the mainstream media breathlessly proclaimed outrage over “torture.” 

I say torture is okay.  Real torture.  Not this trumped-up version of torture.  Especially if it saves lives, American, French, Spanish, even Middle Eastern lives.  But torture is not the issue.  The healthcare bill is. 

Don’t be fooled by the diversion.   The house and senate are on the ropes at town hall meetings.   The Obama administration smells defeat.  So they are pulling out the same old stuff.  Keep calling your senator and congressman.  Don’t let these guys off the hook.


One Response to “Sleight of Hand, Twist of Interrogators”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    Hi Jon, the blog is a great idea. If it’s not too much trouble to continue to ‘tag’ me in notes or send me an email when you write a new blog, I’d appreciate it. I read each one. If you ever get famous, don’t forget us ‘little guys'(and gals). Ha!

    Also, do I have your permision to forward these notes or to post them on facebook? I’m pretty sure you don’t mind, but want to be sure.

    Thanks, Jon,


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