A Liberal Serving of Cheese for the Whine

Enough already. 

During a debate between a liberal and conservative about healthcare on Hannity’s show this afternoon, the liberal kept whining about how Obama inherited this economy, and that the Bush administration “did nothing” to prevent this meltdown.   What, exactly, was the president supposed to do here?  Use his crystal ball to see into the future that banks would become insolvent?  Try to stop the meltdown by doing something about the thieves at Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac?  The senate had a hearing about Fanny and Freddy in 2005, only to be told by Maxine Waters (D-CA) that Fanny and Freddy are fine. 

Several other presidents also inherited recessions when they took office.  The difference between them and this president is their response to the recession. 

JFK had a recession in 1960.  He responded by cutting taxes.  This stimulated the economy and the recession ended quickly.

Ronald Reagan inherited the worst economy since 1938 with double-digit inflation, double-digit unemployment and 22% interest rates.  He cut taxes and the economy recovered to the tune of 22 million new jobs created, all while overseeing the end of the Soviet Union. 

George W. Bush inherited a recession from Bill Clinton.  He cut taxes and the economy responded predictably:  statistical full employment for six years of his eight in office, the economy growing in almost every quarter he was in office, all with a little attack on the US thrown in. 

None of these guys complained about the previous administration’s lack of action to prevent the recession.  They acted.  They got the job done. 

This president and his liberal Kool-Aid drinkers keep blaming Bush, taking advantage of the recession that occured when he had six months left in office and the poor approval ratings to deflect blame from where it belongs:  squarely on Barack Obama’s shoulders. 

Since taking office, this president has done nothing to stimulate job growth or restore consumer confidence.  Instead, he has printed money, spent like crazy, and used one-time offers (that coincidentally are a lot like tax relief) to make the economy look healthier than it is.  He has done more in 7 months in office to PROLONG the recession than he has done to recover from it. 

So, liberals, put away the Bash Bush signs and stop calling the talk shows whining about how this is all Bush’s fault.  All he did in his time in office was prevent another attack on the US, keep Americans working, and fight two wars. 

It’s time for the president to step up and act like a man.  He can stop excoriating the CIA, stop kissing any third world dictator’s behind he can find, stop weakening our country just any time now. 

He can take the blame for what HE has done.  Maybe he will do what’s right and put this healtcare deform legislation to sleep once and for all, cut taxes and get people working again.  But I doubt it.  His liberal radicalism won’t allow it. 

But, hey, maybe he will get together with some bigot buddies and have some cheese.  It goes great with whine. 



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