Who Cares About Honduras? You Should


This past week our president again condemned the government of Honduras and threatened to reduce or stop altogether any aid to that nation.  His reason?  The “coup d’etat” deligitimizes that government.  According to Obama and the administration, the government takeover of that country was illegal, and, therefore, that government is not recognized by the United States as the legal government. 

Only one problem with any of that:  the Honduran constitution, specifically article 239, states that any leader of the country who himself presents initiatives to change the term limits for the president of Honduras is to immediately step down as president, and is not allowed to hold public office for ten years.  President Zalaya made a move to stay in office longer than he was elected to, and as such, should have resigned.  He did not, and the Honduran supreme court authorized a takeover by military force, in accordance with the power granted them by the constitution. 

Obama has gotten it wrong again.  Not surprising, since he has stood by dictators like Hugo Chavez, who successfully made a similar move in Venezuela.  Zalaya has the support of Chavez, as well as Castro and Daniel Ortega.  The US State Department is falling in line with what Obama wants here, too. 

Why?  Why would the sitting president of the most powerful nation in the world stomp on another country’s constitution and further limit the freedom of the people in that nation?  Why would he refuse to help this impoverished nation simply because the government upheld their constitution? 

Maybe he wants support from Zalaya when he tries a similar move.  Every congress in the US has had some nut propose removal of the term limit for the president.  It never passes. 

Remember why the constitution had to be amended to include presidential term limits in the first place?  Because FDR stayed in office for four terms.  He did not do what previous presidents had done and step down after two terms.  This was not the law;  it was following the precedent set by George Washington, who did not want to be a monarch.  FDR had not such lack of ambition.  He stayed in office until death, like a monarch would.  Had he survived, he would have stayed in office much longer.  No telling what our country would look like had that happened.  And Obama sees himself as a modern day FDR.  The ultimate socialist, a radical who would remove all your freedoms and center your life around government control.  His efforts to get control of your healthcare is one example of this.  Others are his control of the banks, which he will not relenquish, even if the banks want to pay back their loans, and the government ownership of GM and Chrysler, where the government owns majority shares and the labor unions own a large part of those companies.

Clearly, he wants to stay in power beyond the eight years guaranteed by our constitution.  He hasn’t said so, but he will gleefully accept this power if congress makes it happen. 

The link at the top of this post states why Zelaya had to go.  Look at it and decide for yourself.  Honduras is the proving ground for the illegal grabbing for power, and our president won’t support the people of  Honduras. 

Will he support us?  His speech in the past few weeks says he won’t. 

Maybe it’s time for us to loudly voice our displeasure with this policy.  I encourage you to write and call your congressman to let them know how you feel about this. 

We may be next.



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