Obama’s Box

President Barack Obama campaigned on the idea of ending the war in Iraq and expanding the role of the US military in Afghanistan. 

He kept one promise, and did not (yet) keep the other.  He has stepped up the war in Afghanistan.  Because of this, he finds himself in an interesting predicament. 

His approval numbers are dropping.  He has advisers telling him that the military needs 300,000 people on the ground in Afghanistan.  The governments deficit has quadrupled in his first seven months in office.  He is trying to hoodwink the American people into buying the healthcare bill that the House of Representatives has drafted. 

President Obama is in real trouble here. 

Sure, the hardline Obama supporters continue to chant “change, change, change,” and they keep puking out the liberal talking points about health insurance companies making way too much money.  But many groups who supported the President last November are faltering.  The anti-war group Code Pink is miffed that the president plans to send 20,000 more troops to Afghanistan.  Many moderates are starting to understand that the man they voted for is not only not a genuine moderate, but a radical leftist. 

Now, Obama said that the war in Iraq was poorly handled by the Bush administration because the public could see no clear military objective and they could see no clear strategy for getting out of Iraq.  And, until the troop surge in 2007, the war was not going too well for the US.  Now, President Obama wants a mini surge to try to quell the strength of the Taliban.  To my knowledge, there is no exit strategy for Afghanistan.  Sound like change to you?  I think this validates President Bush’s strategy of winning the war by getting more boots on the ground. 

Don’t think that I am standing with the wackos in Code Pink.  These people don’t understand that freedom is not negotiated, it is won on the battlefield.  But I do find it interesting that the president has a problem with ultra leftists not approving of what he is doing.  President Obama is such a huge leftist that when I watch one of his meaningless speeches or press conferences, my TV falls off the entertainment center, always to the left.

40% of the people in the US claim to be conservatives.  40% claim to be liberals.  The other 20% are moderates, and these people usually swing elections.  And moderates are aggravated with Obama’s spending spree, his power grab with private businesses, and with his war strategy. 

Personally, I think we need to stay in Iraq until the war is won.  Same for Afghanistan.  And the president needs to listen to his military advisers to get the resources they need to win. 

First, he has to decide what “win” means.  I think a democratically elected parliament with real power to govern those countries is the big first step.  Iraq is on the way there.  I also think that it would not be too much to ask for a base in either country for our military to stage operations from.  Or if we are asked to leave the country, we should leave. 

Obama has put himself in a pretty tight little box here.  Leftists on one side upset that he isn’t liberal enough, conservatives on the other who see our country going down the proverbial flush hole.   And Obama has said he would rather be a one term president that not get his radical agenda passed.


Can anyone say “one term president?” 




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