Dancing With the Czars

More bad news today on the unemployment front.  560,000 people filed for first-time unemployment benefits, a number used to gage how the job market is going.  This means 560,000 more Americans are out of a job and seeking government assistance.  Now the unemploment number is about 6 million people.  So much for the stimulus “creating or saving” jobs. 

But don’t worry.  The Obama administration is doing its part by creating 30 something new positions in the government.  These people are called “czars,” and describe people who are in charge of certain areas of interest and report directly to the president, and who need no confirmation like cabinet posts do. 

In case you haven’t heard, Obama’s “Green Czar” is Van Jones.  If you’ve never heard of Mr. Jones, it wouldn’t surprise me.  Unless you are also a self-described communist, like Mr. Jones.  Maybe you are or were a member of STORM, a Marxist organization, also like Mr. Jones. 

Maybe, if you watch Fox News or listen to Sean Hannity, you have heard the sound bites and seen the video of Mr. Jones during a speech in February, where Mr. Jones responded to a question about how the Democrats can’t get anything passed, and Republicans can, even though they have a minority in both the House and Senate.  His response?  “They are a**holes,” referring to Republicans.  Mr. Jones has apologized for this remark and says this is not the administrations view of Republicans or of the president himself. 

You probably have not heard anything about this on the mainstream media, other than Katie Couric or Chris Matthews saying that what he said isn’t what he meant. 


Now, alot of you are probably thinking, “So what?  A lot of politicians joined the communists in the sixties and seventies.”  Not Mr. Jones.  He became a communist in the nineties, he says, after the Rodney King verdict. 

That’s not all Mr. Jones has done and said in the past.  He became an envirofascist, and during an interview with GRIST.ORG, he said we should “tax the heck” out of people who would not comply with the environmentalists agenda. 

To cap it off, Mr. Jones appears to be something of a bigot.  He has complained that “white environmentalists” send waste into the neighborhoods of “people of color.” 

Get your tinfoil hats on and your binoculars out to stay vigilant for the black helicopters. 

Van Jones is a radical extremist.  He is a self-proclaimed communist.  And now he is directly advising the President of the United States on “green” issues. 

By the way, the only thing green about this movement is the money certain compaines, like GE, who owns NBC and has backed Obama on healthcare and other issues with “news reports” that are nothing but infomercials and campaign commercials.  But that’s a subject for another day.

No, Mr. Jones is not the kind of guy we need to have direct access to the president.   Not because he might get the president to think the way he does because Obama already does think like a Marxist.  But becasue the things this guy will advise Obama to do will kill capitalism in America. 

I wonder what Katie and Chris would say if President Bush appointed a communist to a high government office. 

I know it wouldn’t be nothing. 



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