Obama Speaks to School Children, Children Uninterested

Tomorrow, the much talked-about TV address by President Obama will be shown to school kids.  My one remaining child has asked if I want him to watch the speech.   Teachers union representatives have defended this action and many have said that school kids should read books about Barack Obama and learn all they can about him. 

What about George Washington?  John Adams?  Thomas Jefferson?  There is no such affection among teachers for these men.  And what they did was pretty great.  Obama can teach kids how to get a job they aren’t qualified for.  We already have a program for that in the private sector called affirmative action.  And, let’s face it, Obama was elected primarily because he is a black man.  White liberals couldn’t vote for someone else out of guilt.  White moderates couldn’t vote for someone else for fear of being called a racist.  Blacks, well, they always vote democrat anyway, but a black democrat?  No questions asked! 

But this move by Obama may be even more sinister than it appears.  No president with half a brain will tell school kids to drop out of school and sell dope.  Why does a president with so much cooking (and boiling over) want to do this now? 

This looks to me like a continuation of Hillary Clinton’s statement that it takes a village to raise a child.  Obama may be trying to make children the wards of the state.  And this has been done before, in 1932. 

I’ve heard Hannity and Rush Limbaugh both say that comparing Obama to Hitler makes us look crazy.  I’ve only got the man’s actions to go on.  Let’s recap:

He has seized control of the banks and refuses to allow them to take control back.

He has seized control of the auto companies.

He is attempting to seize control of 26% of the GDP in the currently proposed healtcare bill.

Now he wants children, a captive audience, to listen to his speech at eraser point.  He has teachers unions as his puppets to try to get kids to read more about him and learn more about him. 

Sounds a little Hitlerian to me. 

If the president was going to visit school kids to display how he overcame being black to become president, that would be one thing.  But this president is on TV so much, kids can watch him campaign any time they want. 

But kids don’t care.  They won’t watch this speech with the rapid, shallow breathing that liberals do.  The won’t remember anything about this speech, except that their parents are either scoffing or cheering. 

Hey, Mr. President, leave the parenting to us.  You have your own kids to worry about.  It doesn’t take a village to raise a kid.  It takes dedicated parents.  And I’m pretty damn tired of you blaming me for the problems in the school system.  There are plenty of parents who don’t know who their kid’s teachers are, but  I’ve met all of my son’s teachers.  The problem is the teacher’s unions.  Pure and simple.   These people aren’t dedicated to making a new generation of thinkers.  They are dedicated to making a new generation of simple minded ditch diggers who can be easily manipulated.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the NEA’s manifesto. 

Besides, given the kind of people he has hired to be “czars,’ I’m not sure he can pick out a babysitter who won’t kill my kids and wear them as a hat. 

If the President of the United States doesn’t trust parents to tell their kids to study hard and stay in school, this says more about his insecurity than the job most parents are doing.  Or maybe he believes, like Marx and Lenin did, that children belong to the state, and we are just getting them raised to an age that the state can use them at. 

I don’t know.   Think about it.


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