Will the Real Barack Obama Please Stand Up?

Ok.  So, apparently, education is a matter of personal responsibility. 

Having healthcare insurance is a matter for the government to decide. 

Which is it?  Am I responsible for taking care of myself and my family, or is the it government’s job to snoop around in my personal business? 

The speech President Obama gave today contained a lot of common sense ideas.  How far you go in life is up to you.  You can’t expect a decent job if you drop out of school.  Study hard and finish school, or you are letting yourself and your country down. 

On the other hand, you aren’t smart enough to take care of your healthcare needs, so the government will do it for you.  And woe be unto you if you don’t comply with what the government thinks you need.  You’ll pay.  Heavily.  If you are running a company and you don’t comply, you’ll pay.  Heavily.  If you are an evil healtcare insurance company, and you don’t comply, you will pay.  Heavily.  Then you will be run out of business by a government entity that doesn’t have to make a profit. 

The speech Obama gave today represents nothing of what he actually believes.  He needs kids to finish school and get a decent job so he can tax the bejeebers out of them, and give the money to kids who DIDN’T finish school and get a decent job.  You know, spread the wealth around, then everybody does better.  And if you can manage to find a job in what’s left of our economy when Obama is done with it, you will be forced to join a labor union and pay your hard-earned money to the union bosses whose only function is to extort money from the companies the union works for.  Then, when you have kids, they will be indoctrinated into the liberal mindset by dysfunctional government schools manned by NEA zealots whose singular goal is to please the union bosses there, not to educate children. 

Barack Obama is not a free market capitalist, nor is he a strict constitutionalist.  He is not a liberty kind of guy.  He is a power hungry radical whose goal is to control you and your family.  So to give a speech like he gave today is disingenous at least, and an out and out lie to speak the whole truth.  Worse yet, he has a house and senate full of like-minded liberals who will follow him, drooling all the way, to a socialist state like France and Germany have. 

I know who Obama is.  I am pretty tired of seeing his mug on TV and hearing his whistly voice all over the radio.  This guy is on TV more than Spongebob, and is just as repetitive.  He’s a narcissist.  He believes he can get anything done, just because he’s Barack Obama. 

The question is, does he know who he is?  He certainly fooled 52% of the population in November.  I just wish he would come out and say what he wants done, in plain simple language, not platitudes and bumper stickers. 

One last thought:  how do you think it would go over if Barack Obama gave the speech he gave to children today to people who voted for him? 

Does the phrase lead balloon mean anything to you? 

I think we will see the real Obama tomorrow night.  We’ll see the arrogant elitist who wants to blame George W. Bush, blame the Republicans, blame everyone within arm’s reach for everything he has done in the last seven months to destroy our country. 

Then, I think the real Barack Obama will be standing.  Alone, and in the spotlight.


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