Who Do You Trust? Not the Mainstream Media

As I predicted yesterday, the mainstream media has given only cursory coverage of the Tea Party rally in D.C.  Given this fact, I’ve decided to look at a few of the big stories ignored by the mainstream media, as well as a couple of other stories that misrepresent the facts.

First and foremost, the Tea Party rally.  Fox News has given this event the coverage it deserves.  These people are speaking to our government, but their voices are muffled by the fact that the mainstream media won’t cover the event.  Why won’t CBS, NBC, CNN et. al. do their jobs and report NEWS?  It’s simple.  They have a bias.  These organizations and a good percentage of their employees did all they could to see to it that only one candidate was reported on in the last presidential election.  They basically gave President Obama free publicity, which is only slightly illegal. 

Second, they missed the Van Jones story.  Who is (or was) Van Jones?  He was the “Green Jobs Czar” appointed by President Obama.  He is also a self renowned communist, and a “9/11 Truth”er.  These people petitioned the government to do an investigation on the Bush administration because they believed it was an “inside job,” and that Bush and Cheney somehow planned and executed this attack in order to get us into a war in Iraq.  These fringe kooks actually wanted the government of the United States to investigate a sitting president in the murder of 3,000 citizens.  How did the media miss this?  Apparently, they implicitly trust the judgement of a president who has never hired an employee or run a business in his life.  I mean, President Obama couldn’t possibly be wrong in a choice for someone who has direct access to him, could he?  Mr. Jones’ resigning his post may say otherwise.  Only Fox News and guys like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck,  and Rush Limbaugh said anything about this guy. 

Next, the media’s treatment of Sarah Palin was an abomination.  This woman was interviewed by CBS’s resident airhead, Katie Couric, and asked a bunch of geography questions, then judged to be unqualified because she didn’t know who the president of Cameroon was.   For crying out loud, the media didn’t ask Obama one question as innocuous as this one, or one question that mattered, for that matter.  But, Palin is a conservative, and the media must expose all perceived weaknesses they can find in a conservative, then go for the jugular.  Palin was the governor of the largest state in the union, and one that wasn’t in particularly bad shape.  She has executive experience, which Obama did not have at the time (and still doesn’t in my opinion), and just because she couldn’t answer a bunch of Jeopardy! questions doesn’t disqualify her to be vice president, or president, for that matter.  I don’t know who the 14th century english poet was who died because of a swordfight.  Palin probably doesn’t, and neither does Obama. 

9/11 coverage?  Absent since about October 2, 2001.  This event should shape our actions and attitudes toward radical Islamic fundamentalists.  But the media wants us to forget about it.  I can’t, and neither should you. 

How about Acorn?  An independent film maker posed as a pimp, took in a girl with him who pretended to be a hooker.  They got advice from the Acorn worker on how to avoid paying taxes, and how to import underage girls from South America to be his “girls.”  Media coverage?  Only Fox News. 

Finally, Joe Wilson, Republican representative from South Carolina called Obama a liar at the speech he gave on Wednesday when he said the new healthcare legislation wouldn’t cover illegal immigrants.  I’ve read that particular part of the bill, and it does say that citizenship is required to obtain government health insurance, but there isn’t a very strict requirement to prove citizenship.  Media response?  The mainstream guys demanded an apology and called Wilson every name in the book.  What Wilson did was a departure from decorum, and he probably should not have shouted his opinion at the President of the United States.  But, he was right.  Obama was not telling the truth.  The mainstream media painted Rep. Wilson as some kind of right wing nut job.  He’s not.  He had a human response out of frustration at a man lying to 300 million people.  I wish he hadn’t apologized.  Screw that!  The democrats didn’t apologize to President Bush when, during his State of the Union Address, they booed him when he stated another fact:  Social Security is in trouble and will be bankrupt by 2046.  Turns out Bush wasn’t truthful either, and Social Security will be bankrupt long before that. 

Can you trust the mainstream media?  According to a co-worker of mine, CNN isn’t biased, and Fox is.  Of course, this co-worker is a flaming liberal.  So, to a liberal, a network that allows both sides of an issue to have a say on the air is biased, but one who doesn’t and agrees with your ridiculous liberal ideas is not biased. 

Ain’t America great?


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