Dems Slap Wilson’s Wrists, Tie Own Hands

Take a gander at the link above.  This describes the false outrage the Democrats are showing to Joe Wilson.  Now, they have decided what words can be used on the House floor to describe the president.  These guys have decided that you can’t call the president a liar, say that he is being intellectually dishonest, or make any references to any accused sexual misconduct.  The representatives can’t accuse him of being a hypocrite, either.  All of this is now in the house rules.  The details are available on Drudge’s website. 

What the Democrats don’t realize is that they won’t always be in power.  They may not be in power this time in 2011.  There won’t always be a statist marxist in the White House.  They will have to play by the same rules they are now installing in the house rules.  So, when a conservative president is making a speech on the house floor and he says something they disagree with, they can’t yell out a bunch of idiotic heckles. 

It proves the short-sightedness of these people.  They can’t possibly believe that the American people would remove them from power.  I guess the Tea Parties haven’t gotten their attention.  Even though these guys have spent like crazy, promise to let the Bush tax cuts expire, and are taking over business after business, they think the American people will still vote for them. 

Sadly, they are probably right.  All liberals need to see is the (D) by their name.  Who the candidates are and what they stand for means nothing. 

Wilson’s outburst may have been rude, and a departure from proper decorum while a president is speaking.  The big thing being lost in all this ruckus is that Wilson was RIGHT.  Obama was not telling the truth when he said the healthcare bill would not cover illegals.  Otherwise, the “gang of six” would not have needed to amend the bill to add language to ensure that illegals would not be covered by a new healthcare bill. 

The fact is that Obama seems incapable of telling the whole truth about anything.  His teleprompter keeps telling him to use platitudes and bumper sticker slogans to lull the lazy American population to sleep. 

This most recent speech was supposed to give details into the healthcare bill.  It did not.  He said the same crap he has been saying the whole time about this bill.  The difference this time is, that he embraced what was in HR3200.  As talk radio host Herman Cain said, he “married” the bill. 

Wilson apologized directly to the president and vice president, and they both accepted the apology.  Nancy Pelosi then demanded Wilson apologize on the House floor, hat in hand.  Wilson refused, and the house has slapped his hand. 

I hope they realize they have slapped their own hands, silenced their own voices when they disagree. 

I thought this was America.  I thought the House of Representatives was the “people’s house.”  I thought that the floor of the house was where free debate took place so ideas could flow freely. 

Not now.  Not with Obama and Reid and Pelosi running the show.  If you speak your mind now, are critical of this president, you are a racist.  You will be forced to apologize fifty times to everyone in the Capitol, including the janitor.  Or he will be…

slapped on the wrist.


2 Responses to “Dems Slap Wilson’s Wrists, Tie Own Hands”

  1. Wallace Says:

    Since Obama has been President, I feel if you are a Christian, Republician, and/or a Conservative, shame-shame; only nonchristians and Liberals need to apply. It seems like he and his administration are punishing on these groups (I do not recall this feeling back when Clintion was President) as if only one party only exist (like in Ill.). If you notice of example back when some of the Chrysler dealers were to close not because they were not slow sellers, but because they were owned by Republicans and/or donated to Republican groups. I first hears this on Hanitty.

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