Obama Abandons Missile Defense, Russians Happy

This past week, President Obama backed away from the idea of deploying fixed missile defense radars and actual missile systems in Poland and in the Czec Republic.  Not surprisingly, the Russians are pretty happy about this. 

The left’s justification for this is that the fixed systems don’t work.  A liberal spokesman on Fox Friday said these systems don’t work.  Really?  Then why are the Russians so happy that we aren’t going to use them?  The Russians felt their deterrent capability is threatened by a fixed system in eastern Europe. 

No, instead, we are going to use “proven” technologies, namely the Aegis system.  This is not a bad idea, except for two things. 

First of all, there are currently  less than fifty ships in our Navy equipped with the kind of missile shootdown capability needed to knock these missiles out of the sky.  These numbers are not enough to keep an eye on all the countries that could launch a missile against the US or Israel, or Britain, France, Germany, or any of our other “allies.” 

Secondly, these ships would have to make a quick decision on whether to actually use these systems to shoot down a missile.  These units are manned by young men and women who are professionals and do their jobs with enthusiasm and zeal.  They would follow orders.  However, if they shoot down a small plane instead of a missile, or shoot down a missile that is being tested, the backlash from the world community and the “mainstream” news media would be huge.  It is not fair to ask these professionals to be responsible for global nuclear defense along with execution of their other duties.  This mission is too important to be a part-time endeavour, and that is what the defense-ignorant Obama would turn it into. 

Obama promised to slow development of new weapons systems, promised not to militarize space, promised to pull back from this missile defense system.  The way I see it, if the Russians like us not having this capability, it’s probably a good thing for us to have it.  Now that the Iranians are either very close to having nuclear capability, or they have it already, we need more defenses, not less.  More early warning systems, not less.  Maybe the president would also like to shut down the THAAD system in Hawaii.  I mean, if we are going to be crippled and blind, it might as well be the same in both hemispheres. 

So far, the only place this president feels the need to cut spending is in national defense.  I like Aegis, and I beleive in our sailors, as well as our Marines, soldiers and airmen.  Why couldn’t we have both systems? 

I guess President Obama and his National Security team think that we are in good shape to defend against an attack. 

I only hope that the proof that we aren’t ready isn’t a memo written to Washington from Tehran in American blood. 

That would probably be okay with Obama, since America is evil and the rest of the world would applaud such a tragedy.  We have it coming. 

At least we won’t be able to see it coming.  That should make the president feel pretty good.


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