Feds Go After Banks. Again.


I hate overdraft fees.  I hate the idea that the bank can charge me $30 because I can’t do math.  I can’t stand the way the banks make billions off these fees. 

I really don’t want the government telling banks how to run their businesses, either.

Chris Dodd has called these practices “criminal.”  Well, if anyone would know, it would be Dodd. 

Banks should value their customers more than treating them like a cash cow.  They should, but they don’t.  This behavior is not illegal.  When  you start a bank account, you sign a piece of paper that explains the terms of the contract between  you and the bank.  It describes overdraft protection.  It describes overdraft fees.  And if  you don’t understand the terms or don’t like them, you can walk away and try another bank or credit union.  Of course, all of this is predicated on the idea that you, an American educated in American government schools, can actually read and understand a contract, which we all know is not the case for the majority of high school educated people.  It is also predicated on the idea that you are responsible for what you do. 

The left doesn’t believe that.  Government reserves the right to swoop in and save you, the mindless masses, from the big, bad corporation who are looking only to rip you off.  The government must be confiusing corporations of operating like the government.  Of course, every time they swoop in and stop you from hurting yourself, they remove a little bit more of your freedom.  Every time  you allow the government to restrict the actions of a private company or citizen in the name of “fairness,” or “security,” you relieve yourself of personal responsibility, which in turn takes away some of your freedom. 

Some people have a hard time with this one.  Let me ‘splain. 

Freedom is actually a two part entity.  On the one hand, you can do whatever you want to, within the confines of the law.  You, and you alone, have the burden of the consequences.  This is the second part of freedom.  Your neighbors aren’t responsible for taking care of you.   You are.  Your well-being is your responsibility.  If, however, you turn over any of the responsiblity for your well-being to anyone, now you are not alone in the consequences for your actions.  If your neighbors turn over the responsiblity for their well-being to someone else, they are not the lone bearer of the consequences.  That means that the person who is now responsible for the well-being of  you and your neighbor can distribute the consequences among all the people under their control.  So now, you are responsible for your neighbor, and he is responsible for you, but neither of you is totally responsible for yourself.  What incentive is there for  you to now behave responsibly?  You won’t have to suffer the consequences of your actions.  Your neighbor will.  This is why personal responsibliity for your actions is a lynchpin of freedom.  Individual freedom and individual responsiblity go hand in hand.  And this is why collectivism and the socialistic way our country is being taken over by the likes of Chris Dodd, himself a tax cheat and crook, is so dangerous.  The government doesn’t have the right, per our Constitution, to take away the personal responsiblitiy each individual citizen has.  but this is exactly what they are doing with these bank probes and investigations and bailouts.

Remember, Thomas Jefferson said “Any government powerful enough to give you all  you need is powerful enough to take all you have.” 

And our government is well on its way to having that power.


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