Obama Apology Train Stops at U.N.

President Obama made a much anticipated speech to the United Nations today.  The content was typical Obama.  He used the word “I,” “me,” and “my” multiple times.  This was a narcissistic speech by a pattern narcissist.  It must be nice to make poop that doesn’t stink.

The president chastised our allies and sucked up to our enemies, all while running down our country to the international community.  It was a speech that motivated Libyan nut job Mohmar Qadafi say he wished that Obama could be president forever.  Qadafi called Obama his son on multiple occasions in an interview after the president’s speech.  Nice, huh?  A murderer/dictator likes our president.  He’s not the first.  Hugo Chavez believes in Obama, too.  So does Castro.  And Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinijad praised Obama for his speech, too. 

Specific things the president said in his speech were:

America has been selective in the way we have tried to spread Democracy. 

He said that America has acted unilaterally and not taken into consideration the effect our actions have on others.

He said that America does not recognize Israel’s “occupation” of Palestinian lands. 

Developed nations should pay to save the planet from climate change. (Notice the term is not “global warming” any more.  Too much negative stigma.)

He took credit for ordering Gitmo closed and stopping “torture” of terror detainees.

Apparently, all countries should have an equal voice in global politics. 

Anybody else find this remotely Chamberlain-esque?  Our President is a blame America firster.  He will meet with Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, and any other third world despot in a funny hat, but can’t handle the heat of being interviewed by Fox News.  He has negotiated away a much needed missile defense system in eastern Europe because Russia wants it that way, but gained nothing from Russia. 

This man will negotiate away our financial independence, our ability to defend ourselves, and our influence in the world as a world power.  His naivetee is apparent in the way we negotiate with other nations.  He actually seems to beleive that if we bend to the will of other nations, they will like us and do what we ask. 

Democracy is spread by revolution.  Revolutions are bloody, and they usually occur with the help of a strong nation who supports the idea of liberty for the populace.  Remember France?  They helped us in our revolution.  We have supported freeing people all over the world, and should continue to do that, if our help is wanted.  But this president is too genteel to understand that we have a responsibility as the world’s only superpower to help countries in ways other than pumping taxpayer dollars into the pockets of corrupt dictators. 

I fear for our future, folks.  If “we the people” don’t wake up soon, there may not be an America to wake up to.  We’ll be an “equal partner” in some corrupt global government, where Zimbabwe has the same voice we do, even though that country can’t feed its people. 

Sound good to you?  If so, maybe some of “we the people” would be willing to get together and buy you a one-way ticket to Zimbabwe.  The won’t even notice one more hungry person.


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