Had a Nice Trip

I recently made a trip to visit my parents.  I was scared that I might say or do something that would cause hate and discontent, but I did not.  Except for that thing about hammering my brother.  Oh, and there was some police activity.  But, other than that, I had a nice visit. 

I listened to my brother’s “expertise” on most subjects; no wait.  It was all subjects.  I’ve never met a person who knows more than he does.  Not bad for a guy who lives in my old room.   I listened for two days, and finally decided that I’d had enough.  I verbally stomed a mud hole in his ass.  That got me the quiet I needed to survive the rest of the visit. 

I asked my dad to take a look at my bowling swing to see if he saw anything mechanical that could be screwing me up.  He saw nothing.  He heard nothing.  It’s a good thing I was driving back to the house because I had to wake him up when it was time to leave.  Hey, he’s an old guy.  He had just bowled three games.  That always does me in, too.  

My mom was talkative and we had several good talks, or maybe it was one long talk that never ended nor began.  I enjoy talking with her, though I mostly listen. 

Now for the police involvement.  My youngest brother wanted me to go shooting with him.  I took my 9mm with me for protection (I was staying in Memphis, after all), and we wanted to go squeeze off a few rounds.  I figured we’d go to a firing range.  Nope.  He has a place he goes to target shoot.  He’s been there dozens of times.  It’s not exactly in the sticks, but not exactly a firing range either.  We ended up off a dirt road just off of Fite road, near the racetrack.  We set up our target and commenced firing.  Three clips in for me, and two in for him with his deer rifle, and here come two sherrif’s deputies.  I’m standing there with a handgun, he’s got a deer rifle, and these two guys walk up to us without yelling for us to drop the weapons.  The politely asked if we owned the land, which, of course, we did not, and told us to move along.  I felt like a homeless guy in front of BB’s place on Beale.  They didn’t even ask to see our ID’s.  We quickly complied, loaded up our stuff and split. 

Imagine what might have happened if I’d stayed a day to two longer.  We may have been able to pick up some hookers and have a coke party at the Peabody. 

It was a nice visit.


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