So Much To Say

Looks like I picked a pretty bad time to be away from my blog. 

In the past week, President Obama has:

1.  Made sixty thousand speeches, mostly trying to convince people that the healtcare bill isn’t what the bill says it is: a government takeover of your personal health.

2.  Has threatened Iran.  Sort of.  When we tipped Ahmendinjad off that we knew about his “secret” uranium enrichment facility, he invited UN inspectors to look the site over.  Then, he launched some missiles that can reach Israel and Europe.   In response to this, the president of the most powerful nation in the world threatened to throw pillows at him.  Iran, he said, must meet their responsibilities.  Or what, exactly?  Will we assault the Iranian presidents hair helmet with Craftsman leaf blowers? 

3.  Made a trip to the IOC’s meeting to try to score the Olympics for Chicago.  He failed.  In spite of the narcissistic pleas from both Barak and Michelle, the IOC chose another city.  They rejected Chicago in the first vote.  It’s the first time a sitting president has personally made a plea for a city.  But not to worry.  Newsweak had a story on the presses on Friday, saying it was a good thing that Chicago didn’t get the Olympics because, now get this, Chicago is too corrupt.  Really?  I thought that Chicago was a shining example for all governments to imitate, what with all the transparency and ethical behavior in that government.

4.  Has taken part in talks with Iran over their nuclear program.  I wonder how much that little peach is going to cost us.  Iran will probably end up with our weapons and some of our guys to operate them.  We will get 20,000 used turbans.  That are in need of laundering.  Dire need. 

5.  Made the rounds on the Sunday morning shows (except for Fox News).  This, too, was an attempt to make the healcare bill being worked on in the Senate Finance Committee appear to not be what it is.  The bill these guys have been busting their keesters over contains nothing in it about tort reform, and very little in the way of reform that will actually improve the care people receive from their doctors.  It does, however, include a $550 billion reduction in Medicare, something the president said was not true. 

6.  Has stood idly by while a Democrat lied about the Republicans’ healthcare plan.  Not a word from the White House.  Not surprising, since this whack job from Florida has helped Obama’s own efforts to obfuscate the bill under consideration in Senate Finance Committee. 

Yeah, it was a crappy time to not be able to blog.  But I am back.


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