Music Rocks

I love music.  I have since I was a kid.  Now, I play a little, write songs and record some.  I admire musicians for what they can do with a piece of wood or brass to express what they feel, get me feeling it, too. 

I say this because all of my sons play music.  My older sons (now out of high school and in college) played in the middle school and high school bands.  My youngest son plays in the middle school band.  It is a great joy for me to go to their concerts and listen to what they can do with their instruments.  It always has.  My oldest son has taken up guitar and plays in his church band.  My middle son has taken up drums and plays in his buddy’s church band. 

But last night, I witnessed my middle son become a real musician.  I have always thought it’s one thing to read notes on a page and play them, but it’s another to make MUSIC out of those notes.  In the jazz band concert last night, he had a solo on the saxophone that was, as kids put it today, sick.  He really played the instrument and the music, not just the notes.  It is apparent to me that he is a real musician.  He also played the baritone saxophone on a couple of songs and was solid on that instrument as well. 

My youngest son had the fall concert last night as well.  They played three songs, but sounded excellent, especially when you consider that the band doesn’t play together as a unit much due to class scheduling.  The music they played was intricate and entertaining, and they seemed to really have fun doing it.

I have always felt that everyone has some kind of artistic talent that must be released in order for them to be a complete person.  Whether it’s photography, drawing, painting, music, welding, whatever, we must find the artist in us.  Creation is the only thing that allows us to sort of be immortal.  We can leave our art here forever, for the rest of the world to enjoy. 

If you have kids, encourage them to be artistic at something.  If you are a kid, draw something, or mold something or paint something.  You never know what kind of artist lives in you. 

I still love music.  It’s the creation that’s great.  It’s also the difficulty of coming up with a melody and words to fit it that make it great.

Music really rocks. 



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