President Obama’s Good at…

I figured now would be a good time to review where the United States stands with Barak Obama at the helm, and where we may be going.

First off, we must take a look at what the president does well, and what he does not do well. 

I think from the past ten months its pretty clear President Obama must have flunked math class big time.  He has managed to quadruple President Bush’s budget deficit, but blame Bush for it.  Of course, he keep saying the economy is recovering and that the stimulus bill is working better than they imagined.  But people keep losing their jobs, 250,000 or so last month.  If the stimulus was supposed to keep unemployment below 8 percent, as Obama told us when campaigning for the stimulus bill, then why is unemployment now 9.8%, six months after the stimulus bill passed?  I guess the pres is better with words than with numbers. 

I know the president can’t be all that good with civics.  His administration has bypassed the US Constitution to its own ends quite a bit.  From taking over banks and car companies to trying to force Americans to buy health insurance, the Constitution is under attack. 

Maybe he’s a leader of men.  If so, he wouldn’t need 37 czars, most of whom are radicals, sexual deviants, or Chicago thugs he owed favors to.  I guess he’s not a leader of men. 

Nor does he know the first thing about managing a war.  He has General Stanley McChristal telling him he needs more troops to win in Afghanistan, but he hasn’t met with the General often enough to know what’s going on on the ground in Afghanistan.  He has been on Letterman more than he has spoken to McChristal.  Today, he met with a committee of Senators and Congressmen for nintey minutes to get their opinions on the war.  But McChristal has to give a speech pleading for more troops to get noticed.  The Democrats’ reaction?  Throw McChristal under the bus and criticize him for leaking details of his report.  They should be criticizing Obama for not caring enough about our men and women in uniform to meet with the man responsible for winning in Afganistan.

Ah, winning.  There’s somehting Obama knows about.  He managed to convince 57 million people that a man with no experience whatsoever in foreign policy, the economy, military leadership, or, apparently, simple mathematics is qualified to be president.  He can give a speech, if someone else wrote it for him.  Hell, he can’t pick a guy for a job who isn’t as crooked as a snake. 

So, what Obama is really good at is misrepresenting himself.  He’s good at insulating himself from criticism by letting his surrogates in the media do all the attacking.  He’s good at appeasing Iran, and crapping on Israel. 

How’s that “hope and change” working?   It sucks.  Like the sound a toilet makes when it’s flushed.


2 Responses to “President Obama’s Good at…”

  1. Ben Hoffman Says:

    And you’re very good at lying. 😉

    • babaje2 Says:

      Thanks for reading my blog and taking time to comment. As always, comments are welcome. I feel that by conversing we have a good exchange of ideas.

      You are always welcome to read and comment on my posts.

      Thanks again.

      Jon Richard

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