Has Anyone Seen My Stimulus?

President Obama may be asking just that. 

The president gravely warned us of what might happen if the government didn’t jump in and save the day.  Unemployment would soar to 8 percent.  Financial institutions would collapse.  People would lose their homes. 

Well, I’m sure glad we took action.  The spending of $787 billion dollars has certainly quelled unemployment.  It’s at 9.8%.  Last time I checked, that’s higher than 8%.  But hey, the media is saying the recession is over!  New claims for unemployment were only 260,000 people last month.  That’s less than predicted, but still lot of people.  I guess we should all feel great that it was only 260,000 people.  Unless you are one of these people. 

So far the only evidence I’ve seen of any kind of stimulus spending are a few cones and barrels set up and signs saying that the project is being funded by the stimulus.  Nobody working, mind you, just barrels that get hit by semi trucks and signs. 

President Obama announced a few days ago that $5 million in stimulus money would be granted to the American Cancer Society.  Exactly how many jobs will that “save or create?”  I don’t begrudge the Cancer Society government money to try to find a cure for cancer.  But that money was supposed to be used to stimulate the economy and bring it back to life.  I don’t think this particular use of that money will stimulate the economy.  Hopefully it will save lives.  We are going to need all the taxpaying citizens we can muster to pay for this administration’s reckless spending.

I really hope that these guys consider what they are doing to our country.  It will take decades to recover from the first nine months of Obama’s spending.  He has quadrupled the budget deficit in one year.  It’s bigger this year than any year in AMERICAN HISTORY.  President Bush’s deficits were huge, but they are a drop in the bucket compared to Obama’s. 

But, then again, if the idea is to gain control of you and your life, as well as your children, grand children and great grandchildren’s lives, then they are succeeding.


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