Obama Finally Humbled

A couple of days ago, I wrote in this blog about capitalism winning in the battle for the Nobel prize in medicine.  Since then, Americans have won the prize for physics also.  Now, the American President has won the peace prize. 

I have a question about this.  How did President Obama, who had been in office two weeks when the nominations had to be in, get nominated?  I did a little research today to find out what the process for nomination and election is.  Turns out nobody knows who nominated President Obama.  The selection process for the peace prize is different from other prizes.  For the science and technology prizes, Swedish institutions make the choices.  For the peace prize, a committee of five parliament members are chosen by Norway’s parliament, and they choose the winner from the nominees.  Now, do you suppose that Norway’s parliament is loaded with conservative politicians?  It’s not.  Three of the committee members are ultra leftists, and the other two are moderate, but still liberals.  The selection was unanimous. 

I also discovered that Alfred Nobel, the founder of the prize, stipulated who would win the prize.  He wanted the winner to the most or best work toward eliminating standing armies and creation of international peace boards.  Two other sitting presidents have won this award.  Teddy Roosevelt in 1906, and Woodrow Wilson in 1919.  Both of these men were liberal Republicans who did their dead-level best to get more government involvement in private citizens’ lives.  Don’t take my word for it.  Read about these men. 

This award legitimizes Obama’s agenda of socializing our government, promotes the international shakedown scam of global warming against our country, and weakening our country’s ability to defend itself. 

Officials associated with the prize say that President Obama has changed the Bush administration’s unilateralism and helped to create an environment of diplomacy and promotion of peace. 

I say this is a bunch of hogwash.  True, in order to protect our borders, we have to check with the United Nations before we do anything.  Keep in mind that the UN members would like nothing more than a strong economic America to prop up the world’s economy, but a weak military America that cannot defend our interests around the globe. 

Also keep in mind that Obama has not closed Gitmo, pulled troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan, has not disarmed one nuclear weapon, of ours, the Russians, or the North Koreans, has not been able to do anything to stop Iran from continuing to pursue nuclear materials, nor has he been able to negotiate a peace between Israel and the Palestinians that doesn’t end with Israel losing more of its territory. 

He has been berated and disrespected by two bit dictators, from Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega to Fidel Catro.  He has apologized for our “arrogance” at taking preemptive actions to take the fight to Al Qaeda, and for our disregard for the feelings of other nations when it comes to foreign policy.  He has promoted boldness in our enemies by projecting weakness, given up on a missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic (for which we got nothing in return from the Russians), and allowed the global shakedown from “developing” countries by trying to pass a Cap and Trade tax, which he has also been unable to accomplish. 

I think it’s worth mentioning that

Ronald Reagan did not win a Nobel Peace prize.  This man ended the cold war and did away with communism in Eastern Europe.  No global threat there, I guess.

This prize will undoubtedly give Obama the resolve he needs to continue on a path of GAD (Globally Assured Destruction) of a free United States. 

Hey, at least now Obama can be mentioned in the same breath as Jimmy Carter and Al Gore, two more losers who did their part to wreck our country. 

It’s clear to me that this prize is nothing more than a way for liberals to shack up and pat each other on the back, at the expense of America.  I’m sure if Mahmoud Ahmedinjad can find a way to destroy America, with nuclear weapons, no doubt, he, too, would win a peace prize. 

I think these guys are misspelling peace.  I think it should be spelled piece, as in a piece of America’s rear end.  If you can bite off a big enough chunk, the leftists in Oslo will be more than happy to give you a medal and a million bucks. 

At least Obama has said he’ll give the prize money to a charity.  Probably ACORN.  They are getting pretty hard up for money these days.  Usually, liberals are only generous with other people’s money.  Way to go, Mr. President!

Last but not least, we finally found something to humble the big guy.  This narcissist talks about himself more than a psychiatrist’s patient.  I think a couch may be in order for Obama.  Not the one Clinton used.  It was too stained to save. 

I thought about retracting what I said before about the prize.  The peace prize obviously is awarded to people who talk a good game, but haven’t done anything yet.  Lech Walesa, former president of Poland had to go to prison to get his.  So did Nelson Mandela. 

Maybe Obama will earn his soon, too.


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