Are You Kidding Me?

I have decided that it would probably be a good idea to use the above headline for a new category, since I see tidbits of stories almost every day that fit into this category.  Being  a former sailor, though, I had to change what I was thinking to something a little more aestetically pleasing.

Today’s AYKM topic:  why do Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson care if Rush Limbaugh buys a share in the St. Louis Rams?  Supposedly Limbaugh is to divisive and has made anti-MFL statements on his talk show.  Jackson and Sharpton are saying Limbaugh is divisive?  Are You Kidding Me?  Pardon the pun, but if that is not the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is. 

Sharpton has made statements in the past, his famous Hymie-town statement, that point to bigotry against Jews.  He stuck by Tawana Brawley when she accused a white man of rape, and was the leading voice in the charge against the Duke Lacrosse players.  He made statements at that time that pointed to bigotry against white people.  But, I guess a conservative talk show host who isn’t shy about saying he’s a conservative is more divisive than that. 

Jackson is a shakedown artist who has made a fortune extorting big companies using the race card.  He also had a voice in the Duke Lacrosse case, thought not as pronounced as Sharpton’s.  The only thing Jackson has done in his life that isn’t divisive is  he happened to be with Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was assasinated.  Jackson also wrote a book with his son titled It’s All About the Money.   I don’t know what church the “Reverend” Jackson preaches in, but I’m pretty sure that this particular value is not based in faith. 

Limbaugh has made some statements that the state-run drive-by media have quoted out of context, like saying he wanted Obama to fail as president.  I listened to the show that day, and he said he wanted socialism to fail, and therefore, he wanted Obama to fail because it’s obvious he a socialist from the things he’s tried to do since taking office.  And, even though I don’t get to listen to the show very often any more, I used to listen quite a lot and I have NEVER heard Limbaugh say anything anti-NFL.  Sharpton and Jackson are probably still sore over the Donovan McNabb thing with Limbaugh on ESPN.  Dammit Rush, you can’t tell the truth.  Again, no context required by the drive-bys. 

In case you didn’t know or don’t remember, Limbaugh briefly appeared on ESPN’s NFL pregame coverage a few  years back.  On one show, he stated that the NFL and the media wanted McNabb to be a successful quarterback, maybe even needed it.  Of course, this made him a “racist.”  Limbaugh quit the show, mainly because he didn’t need the headache of dealing with the mouth-breathers who wanted to hate on him.   But, in hindsight, Limbaugh was right.  McNabb’s success legitmized him as a quarterback in the NFL, and his media presence has helped him and his team. 

All of this backgroung brings me back to my original question:  why to Sharpton and Jackson care if Limbaugh wants to buy a team?  Maybe they haven’t thought this through too well.  Limbaugh, if he continued on his radio show, could be a PR problem for the Rams.  He may need to step down. 

I think, though, that Limbaugh represents to people like Al Sharpton all that is wrong with America.  Rich White Dudes.  That’s it.  No pithy comment.  Just rich white dudes.  They are the reason blacks have suffered so long.  Rich white dudes spend a good portion of their day keeping the black man down.  Rich white dudes go out of their way to violate civil the civil rights of not some black people, but all black people (makes for a more profitable lawsuit if you include all blacks). 

Here’s a news flash for  you “Reverends.”  Most people don’t care about the race of the people around them.  Not as much as you guys seem to.  I can honestly say that I have never taken an intentional action to hurt someone based on the color of their skin, like you guys did in the Duke Lacrosse case.  Most people are too busy trying to live their own lives to spend time cooking up elaborate schemes to ensure black submission.  Is there bigotry out there?  Sure there is.  On both sides of the issue.  Are there extremists?  Check out the skin heads and the new black panthers.  Most people aren’t as obsessed with race as  you guys are.  If you want to blame someone for keeping blacks down, take a look in the mirror.

Every time those jackasses promote democrats in elections, they ensure another six years of black submission. Instead of promoting the idea that blacks should be taken care of by the government, maybe idiots like Sharpton and Jackson could instead put some of the money Sharpton invests on his hair into a job program or school to help blacks learn a trade or skill they can sell.  Maybe they could promote the idea that  having a child out of wedlock is a bad idea, unless you are Jesse Jackson.  Maybe they could “preach” that young blacks have a choice not to run with gangs, get knocked up, or skip school.  Maybe Sharpton and Jackson could help someone besides themselves. 

You guys go back to your “churches” and keep ripping on rich white dudes.  Limbaugh can spend some of his millions on the Rams if he wants to.  The way they are playing this year, it may be a buyer’s market.


One Response to “Are You Kidding Me?”

  1. someothersteve Says:

    Actually, it was Jesse Jackson who made the Hymietown comment. SNL even made fun of it.

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