Weird Time of Year

Right now is a weird time of year.  All of the major sports are going right now.  Baseball season is coming to its end.  Hockey and basketball are in their preseasons, and football season is half over.  NASCAR (the last real sport where guys really compete) is in it’s playoff season. I guess the only thing missing is NCL. (National Curling League). 

It’s a great time to have a new big TV.  The only problem is what to watch. 

Most women complain that men can’t focus on anything.  What they mean is men can’t focus on things they think are important.  I can watch a baseball game, a race and a football game, all at the same time.  All while I’m cooking a roast chicken for dinner.  I can even get a good scratch in once in a while.  Beer slows these things down somewhat.  I can still keep up with the games, but dinner isn’t served until 10pm. 

It’s a challenge, though.  I mean, I can’t keep up whose birthday is when outside of my immediate family.  Thank God for a remote that can remember what I was watching. 

It’s all about focus.  When you have three kids running around, you learn how to focus.  The truth is, I can watch all the games, kiss my wife, play ball with my kids, and roast the aforementioned chicken.  I’m the swiss army knife of men. 

I’ve often said that a swiss army knife is a cool thing to have in your pocket and it has a lot of tools, but it’s not a great tool for anything. 

We should learn how to put the remote down and take time to do things right.  Love our wives and our kids right.  Spend the time to do things right.  If she wants go antiquing, go once in a while. 

The only time, I regret to say, when you shouldn’t go antiquing is Super Bowl Sunday.  Or Daytona 500 day.  Or World Series time.  Or during March Madness.  Or during the BCS games.  That leaves…what two weekends out of the year?   Go then. 

It’s about sacrifice, ladies.  I’m too busy channel surfing to go to Lowe’s to pick out wallpaper.  Go by yourself, so I can complain about the ridiculous pattern you picked out for the next six years. 

I guess we men are pigs. 

But we got a big friggin’ TV.


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