Fairness Doctrine Vote Due Today

The FCC is due to vote today on Net Neutrality, another important lynchpin in the Democrats’ plan to re-intitute the “Fairness Doctrine.” 

Net Neutralilty is designed to get broadband access to everyone free of charge.  Instead of being something you can purchase with your cable or  satellite TV or cell phone, it would now become another entitlement.  Why?  Because cable and cell phone companies shouldn’t put their profits ahead of equal access for everyone. 

This is another absurd attack on profitable companies by Democrats looking to seize more control of the lives of Americans.  It’s absurd because even poor people have cell phones.  Most of us have seen the picture of Michelle Obama serving meals to homeless people while having a “homeless” person take her picture on a cell phone.  Broadband access is a luxury, not a right.  I guess the Dems won’t be happy until they get to decide where we live, work and what kind of healthcare we get.  The Russians tried this experiment.  It’s called communism. 

Don’t believe me?  Look at the gag order the Obama administration put on Humana a couple of weeks ago.  The told Humana not to tell their customers that the proposed healthcare plan would cost them more money.  The Obama administration has declared war on Fox News.  They are angry that the facts of what Obama is doing don’t coincide with their agenda.  Silence the voices that oppose you.  Another communist lynchpin.  The communists were a little more forceful, mind you, but they silenced opposition the same.

And then there’s the “Fairness Doctrine” itself.  Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Obama himself have said that this method of silencing conservative talk radio needs to make a comeback.  They say it promotes hate and confusion on the issues.  Yeah, I guess telling people the facts on what the administration is up to would be confusing.  Especially when you have Joe Biden and Obama both telling us how great the stimulus package worked.  Unemployment continues to rise, housing markets are falling, and the dollar is taking a beating globally for fear of runaway inflation.  I guess trillions of dollars in unaccounted for spending is a great way to bring the economy “back from the brink,” as our president is so fond of saying. 

Just in case you don’t know, the “Fariness Doctrine” is a rule institued by the FCC that requires stations to give equal time to opposing views on issues to all sides interested.  This time is carefully watched and clocked, and if a station violates this rule, they stand to lose their license to broadcast.  It does not apply to TV broadcasts, internet blogs, or newpapers and magazines.  Only to radio. 

The other thing that’s necessary to understand is that this First Amendment violation doesn’t require a vote in Congress.  Only a vote by five people:  the FCC board of appointees.  Two Democrats, two Republicans, and the chariman of the committe, appointed by the president.  That gives the party that has the White House the majority. 

Why would something like this even be necessary?  It’s necessary if you have a powerful group of people with a large voice fleshing out the plans of a tyrannical adminstration to concerned citizens.  If you want to get your agenda going, you must silence these voices. 

Liberals have all the network news channels, CNN, MSNBC, most newspapers and magazines covered.  They are owned and operated by liberals who invested a crap load of money to get Obama elected.  Obama is returning the favor in the case of newspapers, whose readership is plummeting, by saying recently that he would like to help them in this difficult time.  Can anyone say “bailout?” 

It makes sense to me now that the government required a conversion to digital TV.  They had to free up the band width anticipating this Net Neutrality thing. 

Then, there’s the attacks on Fox News by Obama operatives.  David Axelrod and Raum Emanuel made the rounds on the Sunday talk shows this past week.  Both said the same thing.  Fox News isn’t a news orgainzation because they promote a point of view.  The idea that Fox routinely has opposing views represented wasn’t even accounted for by these socialist mouthpieces. 

If Fox isn’t a news organization, how come they were the only people to say anything about Van Jones’ communist tendencies?  How come they were the only people to cover the recent tea party in DC?  How come thew were the only people to cover the ACORN debacle?  Aren’t these news stories?  Don’t people need to know what kind of people the president is selecting to be his “czars,” what kind of groups he has taken part in during his “community organizing” days? 

Fox News is the ONLY news orgainzation left.  ABC, CBS, NBC (owned by GE), and the rest can’t let facts get in the way of the agenda, which right now appears to be to allow the government to take over huge chunks of the US economy.  News is supposed to inform the viewer and allow him to make up his own mind.  Local news is a joke, national news has become an infomercial for the most corrupt group of people to inhabit the White House since Nixon, and the Democrats now want to silence any opposing viewpoint. 

I wonder what the weather is like in Brazil.  Their economy is actually growing, and it didn’t need billions of dollars (or whatever their currency is) to acheive it.  It would be tough to make a move like that, but maybe it would be worth it. 

No, I couldn’t do that.  I love this country too much.  I guess all any of us can do is keep our ears to the ground and our heads out of the sand.  Then, make sure the best people get elected the next time around.


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