You Can’t Outrun the Long Arm of Obama

I hate to say I told you so.  No I don’t.

In the past I have written that the Obama folks will use strong arm tactics to get things done.  I did not realize that this would mean issuing gag orders to private companies and attacking the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  But I guess I should have seen it coming. 

It turns out that if you don’t toe the company line on everything Obama believes, you will be taxed, tainted, and dummied up.  In March, Obama praised the debate over health care.  He even gave credit to the insurance companies.  Those days are over, I guess.  Now, the insurance companies are working against health insurance reform only to protect their profits.  They are obstructing the government option.  They are evil capitalists. The doctors they work with will not treat a child’s sore throat correctly because they can make more money removing the child’s tonsils.  I wonder if the president’s shining endorsement includes the five doctors he paraded out in front of the world for a photo op.  The president seems a little paranoid about people.  Kind of a long toss from all that “hope” and “change” we were promised. 

The president joked during his first few days in office about Fox News not liking him much.  Now he and his staff have declared war on Fox.  So much for debate.  He and his staff even tried to exclude Fox reporters from an interview with a new appointee.  He would have been successful, too, if the rest of the networks hadn’t stood up and said that if Fox can’t be there, no one will interview the appointee.  You see, the networks share the cost of covering the presidency, which, apparently, can be a little pricey.  Since Fox has the best ratings, and therefore, the most money, maybe the rest of the networks don’t want to lose their money.  Or maybe they actually did what was right.

Obama wants to bail out newspapers who have suffered from a severe case of flaming liberalism, which we all know festers into reduced readership.  He’s got to keep his campaign going, and the best way is to keep “news” organizations like the New York Times afloat.  I was pissed about my tax money helping the UAW, but now I am really pissed.

The president has now challenged the US Chamber of Commerce, who warn of the effects of a government health system.  He actually chastised them for spending $500 million (with an M) on lobbying.  I guess all the money he was given by the unions to get him elected was due him.  Maybe if the unions had spent some of the millions they spent to get him elected, they wouldn’t have to lay off people.  The SEIU (Service Employees International Union) had to lay people off to contribute to Obama’s campaign.  The UNION had to.  But, I guess losing your job isn’t that big a deal when you can get a union-friendly radical in office.

No one is safe from the clutches of these guys.   There are still a lot of people who believe the government can be trusted with their health. 

I wouldn’t let Obama walk my dogs.


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