Obama’s Press War


The above link points to a story on MSNBC about how President Obama uses and dislikes the press.  The story is thoughtful and insightful, comparing Obama to other presidents and their bouts with the press. 

One thing missing from the story is a basic truth:  Obama is a pantywaste who can’t take critcism from those whose opinion differ from his.  His efforts to discredit Fox News as a news organization have backfired.  He has taken some heat over his treatement of the US Chamber of commerce.  The media is giving him a hard time over Afghanistan.  And he needs to lash out at the people responsible. 

Obama is fine dealing with the Chris Mathhews “tingly feeling running up my leg” crowd, but can’t handle Sean Hannity.  In other words, Obama is a teenager who doesn’t want to listen to his father, but doesn’t mind hanging out at his girlfriend’s house while her dad tells him how great he is.  It’s part of being human.  But it’s not how a president is supposed to act.  Maybe if Obama would stop looking for a “you really love me” moment and pay attention to running the administration, he’d find out that Fox and the rest would give him the respect and admiration he seems so addicted to. 

And I think that is the point:  Obama is addicted to the applause.  He’s like a stand up comic nearing the end of his career.  People still laugh, but not as loud or as long.  The only problem is that Obama is at the BEGINING of his career.  He’s got three more years of this to deal with.  And if he is going to get spun up every time a conservative calls him out for being a Marxist, he may be able to take off from Marine 1’s landing pad.  Without a helicopter.

I do have some therapy for the president to consider.  If he wants real adoration, take care of America.  Let people pursue their American dream, unfettered by interference from a tyrannical government.  Don’t assume that you are smarter than anyone and therefore more qualified to decide things for people.  If they want to drink, they get to suffer with liver damage.  If they want to smoke, cancer is in their future. 

But, at least there will government healthcare to fix them up.


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