Obama Machine Goes into Spin Cycle

Maybe you’ve heard, maybe you haven’t, but Republicans, conservative Republicans no less, won gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia on Tuesday. 

In New Jersey, a decidedly Democrat-friendly battlefield, Chris Christie weathered the name-calling by incumbent Jon Corzine, and the campaigning by President Barack Obama, and won a close-fought battle.  This is the first time the president has really suffered a defeat since taking office.  I’ll bet his ego is tripping off line.  It appears that the Obama magic may be fading a little. 

In Virginia, Creigh Deeds couldn’t recapture the Obama magic we saw there a year ago and got his butt kicked by Bob McDonnell. 

But, not to worry.  The magic may be fading, but the tricks are still in play.  In New York’s 23rd district, Democrat Bill Owens narrowly defeated Republican Doug Hoffman.  But only after the candidate who was endorsed by the RNC dropped out of the race on Saturday.  She still got 6% of the votes in the election, and Owens won 47% to 44%.  It’s pretty clear here that Obama’s crew played up the endorsement of a liberal Republican by the RNC, and spent a crap load of money on all kinds of calling campaigns and appearances to ensure a conservative didn’t win. 

What’s curious about all of this is the way the media is reporting it.  I read two separate articles on MSNBC today, and both basically said the same thing.  It’s no big deal that Republicans won governor races.  It’s a bigger deal that a Democrat won in a district that hasn’t had a Democrat win in over 150 years.  Forget the Chicago politics that led to it.  It’s a referendum on the Republican party.  NJ and VA are not referendums on Obama’s Marxist tendencies.  But  you can bet your aunt Betty’s petoot that if Dems had one either or both states, David Axelrod would have been pounding his chest saying that Americans believe Obama’s gang is on the right track.  And they are a gang.  Hey, they’re from Chicago.  Fuggedaboutit. 

In one article, the winner of the Virginia gubernatorial race wasn’t even mentioned by name.  The media is solidly trying to play down the importance of these victories.  Axelrod and the state-run Obama media are doing their best to insulate this president from the obvious results:  Americans are fed up with the power grab of the Obama administration.  Both sides are saying that this is a good indicator for next year’s elections, that Americans are on their side. 

All the spin in the world won’t change the fact that the “change” we were promised just plain sucks if you work, pay taxes, own a business, have your own health insurance, or if you have considered buying a Chevy recently.  Now, if you are a member of a labor union, can’t qualify for a mortgage loan on you own,neglect your kids by not buying health insurance, or have helped the Japanese kill the American auto industry by buying a Mazda, you may be in good shape.  The rest of us are screwed. 

The time to get involved in the electoral process is now.  Find out who is running for what seats.  Compare and contrast what these guys stand for, and get behind the guy (or gal) that most closely represents what you stand for.  Do your homework.  Because every vote cast by an informed voter cancels out a vote cast by a kool-aid drinking mouth breather, also known as a liberal. 

It’s time for us to take back our government and remind these clowns who they work for.  Given their propensity for spin, maybe Maytag could hire them after we boot their asses out of office.


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