What, Exactly, is a Liberal?

Since I’m always smacking liberals around, I figured a periodic comment on what liberals are and how they differ from sane human beings might be a good idea.  I hope to do this once or twice a week, but will do it as often as necessary to get the idea across that liberals are most directly responsible for the ridiculous things we see in the news and for the destruction of the values that made America the exceptional place it is. 

Webster’s dictionary (1991 edition) describes a liberal as: “favorable to individual liberty, social reform, and the removal of economic restraints.”  The dictionary actually points out that “liberal” has a political meaning.  The word “conservative” does not, in my edition of Webster’s, have a political meaning.  The word “liberal” has become so negatively stigmatized that now liberals call themselves “progressives.”  This is nothing new, either.  Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, and other socialists also called their ideals “progressive.”  No matter how you package them, they are liberals. 

Now, read those words and decide if the liberals we have in power right now believe in “individual liberty.”  It has become an obsession by liberals to try to classify people, to make us part of a group.  The idea of individual freedom is lost on the modern liberal.  Individual freedom means owning property, making money, and doing pretty much whatever you want, with no interference from government, within the confines of the law.  Today’s liberal is not interested in this.  They want all of us to be the same, homogeneous in the way we live and work, dependent on them for the most basic of our needs.  Any effort to make more money than your neighbor will be severely punished with draconian tax laws and the negative stigma of being “rich.”  And you will be pitted against your neighbor by the press and the government in an effort to make you more cooperative while the government helps themselves to the results of your hard work.  Yeah, liberals are just so generous.  But only with your money. 

It has also become an obsession by liberals to try to remove this label from themselves.  We hear the term “progressive,” and “moderate” tossed around quite a bit.  Again, if it steals your money like a liberal, takes away your freedom like a liberal, it’s a liberal. 

Today’s liberal is definitely interested in social reform.  Or, more to the point, socialistic reform.  They want to remove the chains of capitalism for the utopia that is socialism.  Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to worry about where we would live or work, what kind of education our kids got, or what kind of medical care we got?  Ask a Russian who lived in the old Soviet Union.  They had that kind of system.  The result was a populace that had no hope, couldn’t get enough of anything, and had their lives strictly controlled by the government.  People were rewarded with lives of relative ease based on being related to politburo members, regardless of their qualifications for the jobs they did.  Sound familiar?  Think Van Jones and Tom Daschle, appointments by Obama based on support for candidate Obama. 

Lastly, “the removal of economic restraints” interests liberals in the context of handing a higher standard of living to people who didn’t earn it at the expense of people who did.  Imagine a knock at your door one day.  It’s Obama’s electronics czar.  They heard you just bought a 50 inch plasma TV and found out your neighbor can’t afford one. (The neighbor probably ratted you out because you didn’t cut your grass this week.  Bastard.)  The electronics czar is here to confiscate your TV and surround sound system so your neighbor can watch his gay porn in Hi Def.  It’s just not fair for you to have something he doesn’t have.  They won’t leave you in a lurch, though.  They are giving you a 12 inch black and white they got from a homeless guy in downtown Atlanta as a replacement.  It doesn’t work, so you will have to file a form 4673.01B to get it repaired by a chicken farmer whom the government gave the TV repairman’s job to when the TV guy went to the gulag.  There!  That ought to “level the playing field!”  That’s the utopia today’s liberal wants. 

So, hide your LCD TVs and blue ray players.  The liberals are coming!  The liberals are coming!

By today’s liberal standards, FDR’s attempt to nationalize everything in sight was like writing a paper for the Escargot Farmer’s Weekly magazine.  But make no mistake.  Today’s liberal holds FDR in the highest esteem.  He’s their hero. 

That’s my first installment.  Check back with me for future installments of “Liberalism 101.”


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