Obama’s Fort Hood Address Hits the Mark

The president visited Fort Hood, Texas yesterday and addressed a crowd of people looking for answers to why this would happen to their loved ones. 

His comments were altogether appropriate, and, uncharacteristically, non-political.  For the first time that I remember, President Obama invoked the name of God in a speech.  He said no god would approve of the actions of the shooter, whose name I won’t publish here, and that faith of any kind is no excuse for what the good major did.  We have got to remember that there are religious nuts who twist the teachings of their faith to their own ends every day.  I’ve read parts of the Koran, and find the teachings of the Propeht Mohammed a little disturbing.  The Christian Bible is a book of faith and hope, and the Koran doesn’t seem to be.  I’m not superimposing a predetermined opinion on this; I read the words and followed the meanings and judged for myself.  It’s enlightening, but a little scary, too, so I guess I can see how a poor kid living in squallor and totally disenchanted with life could be led to give his up for a promise of heaven. 

While it’s not yet clear why this happened, it seems that the shooter has a history of radical speech against America.  He is also a Muslim, and, for some reason, when those two ideas collide, terrorism is the first thing people think.  I beleive we should wait and see what the outcome of the investigations that are sure to take place before we decide what to make of all this.  We should be mindful of what we already know, but should temper that with impartiality.  If this guy was working for Al Qaeda, he will be punished for that, if not in this life, certainly in the next. 

I’ve heard all the stuff flying around about how Obama waited too long to go to Fort Hood, and this shows he doesn’t care about our military, etc.  I don’t believe that.  I don’t think a man whose job it is to send young men into harm’s way can think that way, and from his speech yesterday, my opinion seems to be confirmed.  I want to believe this was a prepared speech written by a White House staffer and given by a detached man looking to score political points who secretly is cheering inside, but I don’t think even Barack Obama could pull that off.  Not the way he spoke about these people.  I commend him for going after a short time period passed to allow the families to grieve, and for paying these people the respect they deserve. 

I also commend him for mentioning in the speech that we are at war.  I guess “man made disaster” doesn’t carry the same punch when you are talking to a group of people burying their loved ones after they were attacked on American soil.  It’s always been clear to me that we are at war with an elusive and cowardly enemy, and I won’t call it anything other than that.   It’s good to see our president finally call it what it is.  Combat against an enemy.  Good job, Mr. President. 

I caution us all, to be vigilant.  This will happen again.  The world views us a weakened shell of the power we once were, and they will attempt to exploit that weakness.  I hope that the president can decide to win these wars, not simply fight them.  In war, you don’t get an A for effort.  You fight to win, or don’t fight.  Period.

Let me say again that I commend President Barack Obama for doing the right thing in regards to the Ft. Hood families.  You may not see this sentence again, so I figured I’d try to make it crystal clear.



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