Thanks, Veterans

Today November 11, 2009 is Veteran’s Day.  This is the day the citizens of the United States pay their respects to the men and women who have served their country in uniform.  Many of these men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  Whatever the circumstances at that moment, these folks gave all they had for their buddies, their unit, and for you and me.  Stop what you are doing and remember these men and women.

And this isn’t only for us Americans.  There are not many countries on this planet that have not had American soldiers spill their blood on their soil.  Whether the cause was to stop a genocidal madman or help victims of a natural disaster, these people were, and still are, special.  Somewhere, someone lost a father, husband, brother, or uncle when one of these heroes gave their lives.

But Veteran’s Day celebrates more than the dead heroes.  It also celebrates the ones who came home.  Whether it was to a ticker tape parade or to some jackass war protester spitting on them, they deserve to be remembered, too. 

Serving in the military is about sacrifice.  You leave home for weeks or months at a time, your family doesn’t know where you are or what you are doing.  Now, with our country embroiled in a battle against Islamofascists, there’s a pretty good chance they are being shot at.  The fear and anxiety reaches a high level and is sustained for a long time. 

America has had the Doughboys in WWI, the greatest generation in WWII and Korea, and so on.  Vietnam, Grenada, Iraq and Afghanistan.  These guys (and girls) kept us safe from evil and made sure that when the wolf growled at the door, we had a response.  The military has been used by politicians as a bargaining chip, as an example of the good in our country, and as an example of the bad in our country.  It has been abused by leftists who think we spend too much money trying to defend ourselves and not enough money enabling one generation after another of professional couch potatoes. 

By the way, in any conflict in which the United States has been involved for the cause of freedom, we have not kept one square inch of ground.  So whenever you hear Bill Maher talk about imperialism, remember this fact.  In most cases, we bomb our enemies into submission, then spend our money to rebuild their cities and towns. 

So, the next time you feel like joining the bandwagon of bashing America, think about this:  if you live in England and are glad you don’t speak German, the reason for that is us.  Remember America will fight for freedom anywhere in the world.  We will bleed and die for you. 

If you can read this post, thank a teacher.  If you can do it in English, thank a Vet. 

Thanks, Veterans.  You guys are what our country should aspire to be.


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