The Liberal’s Best Trick

In this installment of Liberalism 101, a description of what tricks the liberals have in their bag is necessary.  Today, I will cover their favorite:

Renaming stuff.

The common, run of the the mill liberal can see a war being fought and call it a war.  If there are tanks, soldiers, planes and bullets, it’s a war.  Not a “police action” or “man caused disaster.”  But, your hard-line leftist tries the water before jumping in.  He looks at focus group information, polling data, and talks to his liberal friends.  Then, he changes the name of whatever it is he is describing.  Especially if people find the name “offensive,” “divisive,” or “hate-filled.”  Here are a few examples:

“African-American.”  This term is probably the most ridiculous term ever.  Black people don’t want to be reminded that they are black, but being reminded that they are African is okay?  This term is just another way to remove the American part and replace it with something else.  I don’t use this term, mainly because the world is full of black people, and not all black folks in American have African ancestry.  So, until you can show me some documentation that you are from the Kamili tribe in Cameroon, you are an American first, and black second.  Which is what should be the case, even if you are of African descent.

“Progressive.”  Liberals have for decades been calling themselves “progressives.”  In a nutshell, progressive means that you don’t beleive in personal freedom or accounatbility.  You think that everyone should get the results they desire, with or without actually having to do anything to attaing these results.  The word progressive, compared to conservative, makes it sound like liberals (progressives) are looking for ways to advance society, while conservatives are content with the way things are.  In truth, liberals (progressives) do want to advance something:  government’s control into your life.  If a progressive sees a poor person, they are all to happy to give some of your money to them to “level the playing field,” or “give something back.”  Not their own money.  Yours.  It’s been studied pretty intensely that liberals (progressives) give a lot less to charity than their conservative counterparts.  So, they are only generous with your money.  Whenever you see the word “progressive,” think Stalin, Mao, and Teddy Kennedy.  Progressing our society to total government control is what these clowns are after.

“Man Caused Disaster.”  No, I’m not talking about President Obama’s spending spree.  I’m talking about the war on terror.  Our struggle to defeat terrorists where THEY live has been labeled by the Obama Administration a “Man Caused Distaster.”  Huh?  “Disaster” means a calamitous event, one that happens suddenly and causes great loss of life or damage.  Since the war on terror was caused by people, and has resulted in many leveled buildings and loss of life, technically it is correct.  Except that these are combat operations being carried out by our military to root out and kill or capture the terrorists who make the whole thing necessary.  But, the modern liberal doesn’t see it that way.  This “disaster” was caused by one man.  George W. Bush.  Not Osama Bin Laden. 

“Climate Change.”  Better known by the negatively stigmatized “Global Warming.”  If you think “global warming,” you will undoubtedly think of a pale, skinny, bearded college student wearing hemp shoes shouting about some endangered treee or another.  The liberals don’t want you to think that way.  Instead, they want you to think of a rotund, suit-wearing businessman getting on his lear jet to make the next billion dollar deal.  (Sounds like Al Gore, the godfather of the global shakedown on the US.)  It’s all about perception to the liberal.  Truth is expendable. 

“Hate Crimes.”  This word is used any time a white person kills a black person.  It is not used when a black person kills a Korean, Jew, or homosexual.  Hate crimes deserve special treatment and special punishment.  For instance,  if a white kid goes into a liquor store to rob the place, and shoots the clerk, who is black, and he is captured by the police, he is not only guilty of armed robbery and murder, he is also guilty of a hate crime.  What is the justice system going to do?  Give him two life sentences?  Execute him twice?  All crimes involve an element of hate, or at least contempt.  Why should someone be tried for a hate crime, simply because of the color of his skin?  The beautiful part of this is that the prosecution doesn’t even have to prove it was a hate crime.  “Look at him!  He’s white!  Of course it’s a hate crime!”  Look, crime sucks and criminals need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  New hate crimes don’t further that agenda.  All they do is make the ignorant populace think that the government is doing special favors for minorities.  Gotta get more votes, any way you can.  Do you honestly think that a person who will walk into a business establishment and kill someone over a hundred bucks will care if you tack on a hate crime charge?  Will it make him think “You know, if I do this, they will get me for a hate crime.  Better not rob this store.  Instead, I’ll go to church and re-examine my life.”  I think we know it won’t.

Watch out for these liberal re-definitions.  They only confuse the issue. 

Renaming things is truly the best trick the liberal has in his bag of tricks.  It is the way to confuse the populace, obfuscate any issue, and make anyone with any common sense feel inadequate.


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