Bow Out

The Japanese bow upon greeting each other as a sign of respect.  So what if President Obama bowed to the Japanese emporer?  Usually, both parties bow, and the emporer did not, probably trying to greet the American president in an American way. 

The bloggers and talkers need to get over this thing.  I understand keeping the heat on a wounded guy, but this is silly.  We should instead focus on policy and personnel.  Every appointment made by Obama has had problems, to say the least, and several have been unfit to serve.  Keep this up, guys.  We already have a Marxist in the Oval office.  We don’t need more of them to give him advice.

What’s more disturbing is that Obama doesn’t mind lying to a billion Chinese on worldwide, state-run TV.  He told a group of kids yesterday that he welcomed the free exchange of ideas and enjoyed hearing different opinions from his own.  Really?  Then why the push to silence talk radio, the only entity left to faithfully criticize this administration for policy?  Obama and his guys cry like babies when one of his CZAR nominees gets vetted on Fox News, and Hannity or Boortz have the audacity to say anything.  They constantly accuse talk radio of misinformation when it comes to the healthcare bill, but in reality, the lies are being perpetrated by Obama himself. 

Now theres the Kahlid Sheik Mohammed thing.  This being pursued in a civilian court can’t work under US law.  KSM was never mirandized.  He was vigorously interrogated (waterboarded) to get information, and he confessed under those conditions.  He wasn’t charged and was held without a hearing or lawyer.  Civilian laws of evidence should make this a softball for any attorney worth his salt to get it thrown out of court for lack of evidence.  Yet Obama has put Eric Holder up to prosecuting this thing in open court.  He’s prosecuting an Al Qaeda terrorist.  The judge’s family and the families of the jurors, if they can find any, will exposed to terrorists.  If convicted and sentenced ( a longshot) he could recruit new terrorists in prison and send them out to do harm.  Why, then, would Obama do this?  To prove that Gitmo isn’t necessary and that Bush was wrong again.  He will risk the lives of a lot of Americans for politcal points. 

Obama’s warning to us not to jump to any conclusions about the Ft. Hood shooting is also telling.  He jumped to conclusions about the Cambridge Police department.  Maybe he’s learned his lesson. 

We have more important things to worry about with this president.  Leave the bow out.


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