Healthcare Rationing for Women

One of the biggest concerns by opponents of Leftistcare (Obama, Reid, and Pelosi healthcare bill) is that eventually, if not immediately, care will have to be rationed due to a shortage of doctors and a longage of patients. (I know.  Longage isn’t a real word.) The bill hasn’t even passed the senate, and already, the Obama healthcare nazis have suggested that certain types of tests are overperformed and that patients should wait until later in life to get them.

They miscalculated.  You could take on muscular dystrophy, ADHD, and autism easier than the group they chose.  Women.  Breast cancer screenings. 

A panel that studied some numbers, although I don’t know which numbers because their suggestion is idiotic, and decided that women should wait until they are 50 for mammograms and wants young women to forego the self-exam.  In fact, they think this shouldn’t even be taught any more.  The reason?  Too many false positives with mammograms, and when a woman finds something during a self exam, it causes too much anxiety.  Too many biopsies for benign tumors, again causing anxiety.  You know what causes anxiety?  Chemotherapy.  A controllable cancer spreading to another part of the body that results in almost certain death.  Yeah.  Death.  That would cause anxiety. 

So far, the American Cancer Society and the AMA have made statements saying the new guidelines should NOT be followed.  Early detection and treatment remain the best way to survive breast cancer.  Studies show that 17% of women who die from breast cancer die before age 40.  Waiting ’til 50 still sound like a good idea to you? 

What the hell were these people thinking, anyway?  You can’t go into a convenience store, movie theater, or car repair facility without seeing one of those pink ribbons.  Everybody knows about Susan G. Kommen.  Awareness of breast cancer prevention and treatment has been raised by a lot of people, including celebrities, sports teams, Gatorade, tire salesmen, everybody.  Suggesting that a woman can’t handle the anxiety of a cancer diagnosis is ludicrous anyway.  You think she could handle the anxiety of death any better?  Now, Obama is losing ground in another demographic: women who have had mastectomies.  You don’t want to piss off millions of women missing one or both breasts.  Life has been tough for them.

No, this is the rationing we all feared.  If an independent panel says you don’t need mammograms until 50, government plans won’t pay for them until you turn 50.  Private healthcare insurance companies may also adopt the practice and not pay until 50.  And, if the healthcare bill passes and you try to pay for the care out of your pocket, you may be breaking the law.  Women will die, and world-beatifying breasts will be lost to eternity. 

This confirms our suspicions that the Leftistcare bill isn’t about the health of Americans.  If they are willing to sacrifice women to breast cancer, what else will they sacrifice?  Maybe polio vaccinations won’t be covered.  Maybe if you break your arm playing softball, it won’t be covered, but if you break it passing out “Vote Obama for Emperor of the World,” it will be.  The problem is the same it’s always been:  government.

Government involvement always ends up like this.  They dicatate what you can and cannot do, and tell you that it’s good for everyone.  If you don’t agree, you are a racist, or unpatriotic.  If you don’t comply, your taxes are audited, and people in dark suits start watching you. 

This study shows that any government-run healthcare plan will result in rationing.  It has to because of the shortage of doctors.  Hell, the government already wants to ration your care, and they aren’t even in charge of it yet. 

Ladies, get your mammograms and preserve those wonderful orbs of enjoyment.  If the government tells what to do with your body, you should probably not listen.  And guys, get a checkup at least every couple of years and get your prostate checked.  We don’t have pink ribbons, but it’s just as important.  Maybe we could come up with our own symbol.  Maybe a brown ring.



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