Could they Really be That Dumb?

I got to see Harry Reid’s smirk on Sunday on the news shows.  I got to listen to one liberal Democrat after another say that this healthcare bill is a great thing and would pass, Republican support or not.  I also got to hear Republicans say that there are some good things in these bills, but they just can’t support a bill that would kill jobs. 

Not surprisingly, the Democrats have it wrong on the effect this bill will have on jobs.  I heard a Democrat strategist say on Saturday that this bill would actually CREATE jobs.  Her argument?  Doctors, hospitals and health insurance companies will have to hire people to take care of new issues in the health care industry.  Can they be that stupid? 

The answer is yes, they can be that stupid.  Healthcare is about one fifth of our economy.  If we create a few jobs in that sector at the expense of many millions of jobs in all other sectors, how will this bill create any jobs?  The answer is it won’t.  Businesses will have to carefully manage how they do benefits for employees.  Business owners, many of whom fall above the income level for increases in medicare and social security taxes, will have to pay more in taxes to pay for the bill.  That is money they won’t be spending on hiring new people.  Instead, they will probably have to downsize to make up for the extra taxes. 

I know what you leftists will say.  “Come on, it’s not even 1%.  Surely they (the evil rich) can afford that.”  It’s not the point whether or not they (the evil rich) can afford it.  Why should one group of people have to pay for a benefit they probably won’t even use?  And, once the (goodness and sunshine) Obama government have gotten this ridiculous thing passed, what would stop them from going after (the evil) rich to get more tax money?  Nothing.  Not as long as Demo-thugs like Reid and Pelosi are safely embedded with the US Congress.  As long as they have the reigns, the government will pick winners and losers when it comes to taxes.  This is nothing new, but seldom in the history of our country have the powers that be been so open about penalizing one group of people to subsidize another group’s laziness.

I read an article in Time (to take a dump) magazine that derided conservatives for praising Ronald Reagan’s economic policies.  The article said that Reagan’s tax cuts actually reduced revenue to the government (although the record of that time directly counters this point), that Reagan’s spending (which was too high) set up our mind set of spend until you’re broke, then spend some more, and that Reagan’s idea of letting people keep more of the money that belonged to them didn’t work to spur the economy (in spite of the 22 million jobs created during his time in office.)  The only part of this article which even approaches the truth is the spending. But, since Time magazine is now a carnival calliope for all things Barak Obama, of course they got it wrong. 

So, the truth is, yes, they can be that dumb.  We can’t let them get away with it though.  Senator Mary Landrieu, D-LA,  only supported the vote to go to debate after her state was promised $300 million dollars.  Blanche Lincoln, (D-AR), supported debate but said she didn’t support the bill, yet.  These Senators will be falling on their political swords if Reid forces them to vote for this job killing bill.  If the bill was so great to start with, why would he need to bribe a senator to get her support? 

The Democrats know this thing is a turkey.  A 2200 page, riddled with new beareaucracy turkey.  It will kill jobs, cause healthcare costs to continue to increase, and still leave millions without coverage.  But, they won’t let facts get in the way of their agenda, which is to control more of your life, until you depend on them for everything. 

If this happens, freedom ends.  Liberty dies.  And we all will be poor together. 



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