America Still Racist Bigots (Follow Up)

Young black men are unemployed.  With up to an estimated 18% of the population unemployed, this is no surprise.  But the Washington Post points out that black men age 16 to 24 are unemployed at a much higher rate than other races.  (article link above) I guess that means America is not only a “downright mean” country (Michelle Obama said so during the campaign last year), but we are also a bunch of racists and bigots when we try to fill our companies’ positions for employment. 

The article clearly wants to point out that race is a determining factor, but I’ve got a couple of other factors that weren’t even touched on. 

One gentleman in the article, who is currently unemployed, complained that he has had a string of “dead end jobs” since completing a training program recently.  I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to be hired on as CEO of any company without executive experience, and most executives started out in what would be considered by other executives as “dead end jobs.”  The problem here is that many people’s expectations that they would be able to get a good paying job without any job experience, training, or education is unrealistic.  There are plenty of places to go to get training and be paid while you do it.  I got my job training in the US Navy.  It was a sacrifice for me and my family, but we kept our eye on the ball and realized that obtaining a skill that could be sold in the private sector was worth the sacrifice.  I know we are at war, and nobody wants to die in a faraway desert.  But, there are ways, if you are willing to take the steps to get there, to get training.  Government training programs don’t guarantee results, or even opportunity.  If I was hiring someone to do technical work on a conveyor system in a warehouse, I’d hire a veteran every day and twice on Sunday before a graduate of some government training program.  (Notice that race is not a factor here.)

Another problem is the scarcity of entry level positions.  While it’s true that you can’t support a family flipping burgers, it is honest work and a better than decent wage for the skill set required to land one of these jobs.  These jobs are scarce because of a flood of illegal immigrants doing them.  It has been studied and black people and the nation’s poor suffer the most from illegals taking these jobs.  There is no incentive for employers to pay more when they can get labor so cheaply.  Maybe the government could do some good for AMERICANS by keeping illegals out of our country.  But don’t hold your breath for President Obama or any Democrat to make a move on this anytime soon.  It’s better not to be labeled a racist than it is to try to “level the playing field” for American citizens. 

Yet another issue is young black men desparately trying to make a living and making some really bad choices that hurt their chances for gainful employment.  If you get caught dealing drugs, it’s a pretty tough sell to the local Home Depot to let you work in their store. You are a criminal.  Even though they can’t legally keep you from getting work based on your record, they don’t have to hire you, and they sure don’t have to put you in charge of people, inventory, or money.  (note here that race is not an issue)

In the aritcle, a Yale professor says that black men with a clean record don’t fare better than white men who have just been released from prison.  Of course there are no numbers to back this up, and there may be some bigotry that contributes to this.  But right now, businesses are looking for competent people to fill postions and help their company, and looking to do it at as low a price as possible.  That’s business. 

Race is a convenient excuse for those among us who have made poor choices in their lives to fail.  If a person can’t find a job, it’s because he’s black, not because he is a used to be gang banger who did time for manslaughter.  It’s not becuase he refuses to work a “dead end job” because the pay and benefits suck.  It’s not because he wants job A, but is only qualified to do job B, which he feels is beneath him. 

It’s time for the black community, and the guilty white elitists who enable them, to stop making excuses and accusing everyone of being racist and start making choices and steps that will promote them as a hireable person.  There are colleges and trade schools everywhere who would love to give you a chance to educate yourself.  There’s the military, police force, fire department, and so on, who don’t necessarily want Albert Einstein to work for them but need dedicated and courageous individuals.  Unfortunately, these entities have seen a reduction in force, too, so they have become more choosy when they hire. 

You can’t raise a family making minimum wage, no matter what color you are.  You’re not supposed to be able to!  If you are 32 and can only get a minimum wage job, either you have a job skill that is no longer in demand, or you are a loser.  You haven’t taken advantage of what America has to offer and your life sucks now because of it.  It’s your fault, not mine.   The only person who can make a difference in your life is you.  So get busy making a difference.

American businesses are no more racist than Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson… wait.  Bad example.  The truth is that white folks aren’t the demons people on the left make them out to be.  I don’t get up every day trying to figure out how to keep the black man down.  I want what most people want.  The ability to pay my bills, spend time with my family, and have  few things around me to be comfortable.  I’m not blaming my black neighbor because I can’t afford a Corvette.  

It would be nice if my black neighbor wouldn’t blame me either.


Today, MSNBC released the following article:

Why the sudden and, apparently, unending stories about how black people are hurting at a higher rate than anyone else?  Am I supposed to pity these people?  I didn’t use drugs, go to jail, or knock anybody up.  I have been continuously employed since 1985.  Not because of my skin color, but because I have done the things necessary to be needed in the workforce.  I’m sorry, but a 30 year-old “former hotel worker” isn’t skilled labor.  A 48-year-old ex-con drug dealer with restarant experience isn’t skilled labor. 

I wish the idiots that write these stories would stop and read them when they are done.  Maybe they would be inclined to see that some people are losers, and a poor job market hurts losers at a disproportionally high rate.  And why would someone who lost their job go right back to work, what, with the Anointed One extending unemployement insurance.  “Discouraged?”  How about lazy?  Read some of the quotes.  You have thirty-year olds that sound like, like, like a teenager.  COME ON!

Like I said before, people need to get over their blackness.  It’s not a handicap and it’s not an advantage, because everyone is made of the same basic stuff.  Some people just know how to use what they have better than others, and that trait crosses racial lines.


2 Responses to “America Still Racist Bigots (Follow Up)”

  1. Jo Says:

    I LOVE this blog!

    Now when I tell my friends in Europe what bigots Americans STILL are, I have evidence. (not that there’s any shortage, it’s just sooo much better when the pig tries to wear lipstick;-) Sweet!!

    Is there something wrong with the water in the States? The general population seems to be getting fatter, dumber and proud of it! Astounding!

    Bye, bye

    • babaje2 Says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment.

      Apparently, English isn’t your first language. If you took the time to actually read what I wrote, you’d see that I was pointing out that race isn’t a determining factor in hiring or firing, and that the media loves keeping this pot stirred up. After all, a person who has made a string of bad decisions in their life is obviously a victim of some kind of racial conspiracy, and not actually responsible for their own actions.

      If you live in Europe, you should probably be thankful that you aren’t being forced to speak German. I guess the fat, dumb Americans who saved the world from EUROPEAN genocidists took a drink from the water over here that says that we won’t allow the world to end at the hands of anti-semitic bigot.

      The only thing wrong with the water over here is that we keep saving you from yourselves. But not to worry. Our current adminstration will weaken us to the point that, should another dictator rear his ugly head, we won’t be able to save ourselves, let alone save you.

      Again, I thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I always look forward to the opportunity to explain the truth to someone who feels the need to be insulting instead of arguing based on points of fact.

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