Global Warming Doubter?

Take a look at the article above.  You haven’t seen this in our own media, and probably won’t. 

The fraud that global warming is is apparent.  If  “scientists” have to intentionally leave out data to prove their political point, how real can “man made global warming” be?  “Global warming” has become so negatively stigmatized, the liberals have resorted to their favorite trick of renaming it to “climate change.”  President Obama is getting ready to spend several hundred thousand more dollars to travel to a climate change summit in Copenhagen, all to further propagate the myth of man made climate change. 

Let’s be honest.  There are billions of dollars at stake for the “green” movement if we proceed here.  And these billions of dollars will come from you and me, every time you buy something manufactured in a factory that has to pay taxes for “carbon credits” and fines for using more than their allotment of credits.  It’s funny that if you think global warming is nothing but an international shakedown of the US population, you must be poisoned by big oil companies.  But, if you instead believe that the only answer to the earth’s problems is to wipe humanity off the face of the planet, you aren’t influenced by the billions to be made in the “green” movement.  (Green by the way, is about money, not nature.)

Our own media won’t even acknowledge these things.  But the UK and Canada will.  Tally ho, eh?


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