Obama Moves in Right Direction For the Wrong Reasons

So, our president is finally going to commit more troops to Afghanistan.  But why?  Since the president didn’t mention winning the war on terror, (though he did mention defeating Al Qaeda) to what ends are our young warriors going into harm’s way? 

A lot has been made of the time it has taken Obama to make a decision on General Stanley McChrystal’s request for more troops.  Hey, 92 days isn’t that long, is it?  It didn’t take the US generals 92 days to set up and implement the invasion of Normandy.  At 92 days, an unborn child looks like, well, and unborn child.  But that’s not too late in the pregnancy to terminate the child’s life.  Not for liberal statists. 

I thought Afghanistan was the war we needed to concentrate on.  That’s what the president said when he was campaigning.  It only took him eleven months to decide to fight the war.  I just don’t think he has decided to win it yet.  And I am not holding my breath for that to happen. 

You see, all this president does is rooted in politics.  He will use our warriors as pawns on the chess board that determines whether or not he gets re-elected.  These people are expendable to him, nameless, faceless, meaningless lives that can be spent like pocket change if it means getting more votes. 

Look at the president’s priorities:  get a “stimulus package” passed that doesn’t stimulate anything except bank balances for Democrat contributors.  Get an omnibus spending package that nobody understands.  Strong arm everyone in the nation to get a ridiculously expensive healthcare bill passed to gain more control of our lives.  THEN, work on a strategy for Afghanistan.

Of course, the New York Times and Washington post have praised Obama for being thoughtful and careful in making these decisions, contrasting the percieved way President Bush decided on committing troops to battle.  I guess President Bush sat around his desk in the oval office and drew cards out of a deck to decide how many guys went where and for how long.  If you believe the NYT, that’s precisely how he ran things. 

Along comes Superbarack, who hems and haws, looking at focus group data and polls, listening to threats from Michael Moore before he will decide anything.  I may be wrong here, but taking foreign policy advice from Michael Moore may be a little bit like taking sobreity advice from heroin addict.  It just doesn’t work.  And Superbarack decides to send in troops, against the wishes of the pantywaste Democrats.  He is hailed for being courageous for taking on his party.  He’s not courageous.  He is playing politics with the lives of American men and women. 

On top of all of that, he tells the enemy when we will be checking out of Afghanistan.  Eighteen months?  Really?  I guess Superbarack has the superpower of being able to see into the future.  I may be off on this, but I’m not so sure we can eradicate Al Qaeda from Afghanistan in eighteen months.  I guess Superbarack really is better than W.  He can accomplish in a year and a half what President Bush couldn’t get done in seven years.  I know, I know.  If we hadn’t gotten bogged down in Iraq, we could have built a hundred miles of mini malls in Kabul by now.  Except that we couldn’t.  We thought there were WMD’s in Iraq.  Even President Clinton thought so.   But, he was a little too busy molesting interns to do anything real about it.  No, he turned that little gem over to Bush, who didn’t complain and whine about “inheriting” a bad situation.  He just took action to deal with the situation.  I’m thinking if Obama would stop complaining about what a crappy deal he got from the Bush administration and work on fixing the problems, a lot more people would respect him a lot more.  Even I would.  I can’t stand people who always blame their problems on someone else. 

Maybe the idea of acutally defining what “victory” comprises is what confounds our presidents.  President Bush wouldn’t.  President Obama won’t.  But Bush’s approach was a little different than Obama’s.  Bush wasn’t willing to pull out on some arbitrary date.  Obama is. 

Looking good for the Republicans in November 2010, isn’t it?


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