Climategate and Barbara Boxer

So, we have discovered that the environmentalist wackos have invented data to make global warming look more real.  Scientists have intentionally supressed the data that inconveniently counters the agenda of the envirofascists.  They have provided erroneous reports to the IPCC.  They have lied and misrepresented their research. They have pointed to computer models written by other envirofascists as conclusive proof that man-made global warming is a fact, and an imminent threat to the human population of the planet. 

And Barbara Boxer, (D-CA), is upset at the whistleblowers.  The hackers who exposed global warming for the fraud that it is.  That’s who needs to be investigated.  Not Al Gore, who has extorted millions of dollars from the American taxpayer.  Not the IPCC, who have attempted to redistribute the wealth of America to the rest of the planet.  Not the leftist crazies who have said we’ll all be burning up in seven minutes.  The whistleblowers. 

Now, I understand that computer hacking is a crime.  I don’t see where these people will benefit from their actions.  In fact, the only people who have been injured here are the “green” believers. 

And, let’s make no mistake here.  The “green” in “Green Movement” isn’t about trees or grass.  It’s about money.  The disproval of man-made global warming will cost someone millions.  However, it will save the American taxpayer millions, so I think it all comes out in the wash. 

Hey, Barb, how about going after the person most directly responsible for the hoax of global warming, Al Gore?  A couple of people from the Motion Picture Academy have asked him to return his Oscar for “An Inconvenient (Un)truth.”  As usual, you are embarrassed because you have been fooled, and instead of going after the perpetraitors, you are going after the messenger.  This is like locking up a witness to a crime and letting the criminal go free.  It also deters people from reporting crimes in the future for fear of retribution.  The public isn’t as vigilant as is should be.  Maybe that’s what you want, Barb.  Maybe if enough people don’t pay attention,  you can lay claim to all of our lives before we notice. It’s ridiculous.  But, that’s government.  Truth depends on your point of view and political affiliation. 

Get your stuff straight and go after the perpetraitor.  The people who blew the whistle on this fraud are heroes and deserve to be treated like heroes.


One Response to “Climategate and Barbara Boxer”

  1. Mule headed farmer Says:

    However, it will save the American taxpayer millions,
    BS Billions as in Big Bad Boy, Billions.
    You fight a good fight keep up the work, these assholes want to tax us back to the Old Testement.

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