Still Think We Can Negotiate?

Islamic militants attacked a mosque in Pakistan killing between 36 and 40 people, including seventeen children, during prayers. 

Do you still think this enemy can be bargained with?  It’s possible, even likely, that the militants attacked this particular mosque because it is used extensively by the Pakistani military and their families.  They did manage to kill several mid and high-ranking officers, along with a bunch of kids.  They planned this and chose their targets based on maximum damage to their perceived enemy, then executed thier attack.  They didn’t care if they killed innocent people.  The militants will say “They aren’t innocent.  They are part of the military and deserved to die.” 

They will say the same thing about you and me.  If we happen to be in the vicinity of their targets, they won’t care if they kill you and me.  So, you better not be around anyone of interest to islamofascits, or you could be collateral damage. 

It’s acts like this that make our troops’ assinine rules of engagement even more ridiculous.  You can’t shoot at an insurgent unless they shoot first?  You can’t attack an insurgent if there are “civilians” around.  Aren’t the insurgents “civilians?”  These people have no respect for human life.  And our troops, who are targets themselves, can’t shoot bad guys unless they know for sure they have already done harm. 

It’s time for us to decide to win.  This same crap happened in Vietnam, and we know what a military success that was.  We need to let these guys kill the bad guys, and we need to get them the assets they need to win.  We first need to define “win.”  I think we can say that we have won when a democratically elected government in Afghanistan has completed two sessions of legislative meetings without a coup being attempted.  Two solid years of governance without a significant incident, and if it takes longer, it takes longer.  You can either set a list of objectives, or a timetable, but both is a tough one to sell.  

This enemy cannot be negotiated with.  They can only be dealt with in the most forceful way possible.  The must be killed.  Period.


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