Remembering Pearl Harbor

Yesterday was December 7th.  It was the 68th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and it brought America into the war.  You know.  The Big One.  WWII.  (Gratuitious Archie Bunker reference.) 

These men are dying off now, most of them in their late 80’s.  We are losing contact with the greatest generation, the men and women who saved the world from Japanese imperialism and Nazi-ism.  They stood against formidable enemies and said, “We will not lose.  We will not surrender.  And you will not turn the world into a dark place where freedom is a memory, an idea of our past.”  Even FDR, the US’s penultimate leftist, could not let these things that the Japanes and Germans were doing pass.  Although he tried, and many, many people around the globe lost their lives because of FDR’s desire to remain neutral, and his lack of decisiveness in the 1930’s that allowed Germany and Japan to grow their empires and fortify their defenses to the point that a lot of American blood would have to be spilled to rid the world of the threat of fascism. 

Victory in those days was pretty cut and dried.  Kill enough of the enemy to make them lose their thirst for blood and lose their desire to make war, and get them to surrender.  The enemies wore uniforms and used tactics that at least provided our generals with an idea of what to expect. 

Victory today is a lot less defined.  Victory is now defined by a Washington beaureaucrat as the result that gives him the best chance to be reelected.  We made the same mistakes that FDR made.  We allowed Al Qaeda to recruit and train men (terrorism school is pretty much an all boys club), allowed Saddam Hussein to kill his citizens by different means, including chemical weapons that we gave him to use against Iran, and we allowed terrorists to get away with numerous attacks on American targets on our soil and around the world.  Apparently, the lessons taught to us by the greatest generation are being forgotten as fast as these heroes are dying off. 

Pearl Harbor was just the beginning.  We fought on battlefields from Belgium to Tarawa, from Berlin to Okinawa.  Our men died for freedom, just like they are today.  Only now, our leftist president cannot bring himself to define victory as killing the bad guys until they have no taste for killing us.  His generals have hamstrung the troops, and his administration wants to prosecute the enemy in American courts.  They also want to prosecute US Navy SEALs for torturing the bad guys.  Freedom is in big trouble if the most powerful nation in the world can’t fight the enemy because of our own president’s political aspirations. 

We cannot, and must not, forget what happened to our country on December 7, 1941.  It is truly a date “which will live in infamy.”  This attack was met by a declaration of war, the American war machine being cranked up to full speed, and its thirst for weapons and vehicles satisfied by the massive mobilization of our manufacturing sector.  The world saw what we would do if we got sucker punched by the enemy. 

Too bad those leaders have gone by the wayside.  The lessons learned from the WWII experience have been buried, like many of our heroes.  The only difference is that the heroes are not forgotten. 

They never will be.


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