A Few Random Thoughts

I have to print a retraction.  I gave President Obama kudos for ordering the SEALs to take out the Somali pirates to rescue the captain of the Maersk Alabama.  He did not give the order, and was pissed when he found out the pirates had been, er, um, taken care of.

Why does Khalid Sheik Mohammed get a trial in a civilian court, but three SEALs accused of “toturing” a terrorist have to be tried in a court marital?  Isn’t that kind of a military tribunal?  The “torture” resulted in a bloody lip for the terrorist in question.  Maybe these guys aren’t as tough as we thought. 

My god are the Saints lucky! 

My god are the Falcons bad!

Seen the video of the car on fire at the gas pump?  Some jackass got into the car and back out, when static electricity sparked and set the gasoline vapors aflame.  If only the car was a hybrid…

I haven’t mentioned Tiger Woods.  I’m not going to.

My god are the Falcons bad… wait.  Already said that.

The Steelers lost to the Raiders.  Ha, ha!  It’s funny that the Raiders can win with a second rate quarterback like Bradkowski, but not with a mental pygmy like Jamarcus Russell.  He’s 6’8″, can throw a mile, and is a dumb as a bag of hammers. 

I miss NASCAR.  And now that that babe Danica Patrick will be crash-, oops I mean racing in the Busch series (I’ll alway call it the Busch series, mainly because the drivers are busch league (Misspelled on purpose)), maybe she’ll win a race and strip down to her sports bra.  Hey, a guy can hope.  I know, I know.  The probability of her winning is so miniscule that I shouldn’t hold out too much hope. 

I kind of laughed at Tim Tebow crying after the ‘Bama game.  I think if he wants to scrawl bible verses on his body, he should get some tatoos.  I personally have some “Penthouse Forum” quotes tatooed on my, er, um, never mind. 

If the president’s job approval polls drop much more, we’ll need a new way to count these numbers.  Can a president have a poll graph with a slope of “undefined?”  if you divide a number by zero…

My god, do the Falcons suck.

There is one good thing about the Georgia Bulldogs not being in a BCS bowl game.  The Georgia Bulldogs are not in a BCS bowl game. 

Last week, MSNBC was publishing articles whining about how bad black people have it in the job market.  This week, it’s global warming is a threat.  Why don’t you guys cook up some numbers and get back to me? 


my god do the Falcons suck.


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