Healthcare Votes For Sale! Get Your Healthcare Votes Here!

The Democrats have finally done it.  They have secured the sixty votes needed to get a cloture vote on healthcare legislation in the senate.  And by secured, of course, I mean “purchased.” 

Ben Nelson (D-NE) didn’t like the federal funding for abortion language.  So, the bill was amended to reduce the federal funding for abortion, and with it came a deal whereby the state of Nebraska wouldn’t have to fund their part of Medicaid, the federal subsidy for the poor to get health care, forever.  Let me say that again.  Nebraska is off the hook for additional Medicaid money FOREVER.  Sweet deal for Nebraska.

Then, there is Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu.  Her vote was purchased for $300 million for her state.  I guess the price of your liberty comes in at $300 million for people like Landrieu. 

If this bill was such a great thing, why the bribery?  How come the Democrats had to buy votes to have a chance to get it passed? 

Because it’s not a great bill.  It was crafted in the back rooms of the US Capitol building by leftists who aren’t interested in getting a good bill, just getting something, anything, passed by Christmas. 

This bill does accomplish one thing that is very important to the modern statist.  It gets the machine in motion.  It is a step toward a total government takeover.  This has been expressed by more than one Democrat in last couple of days.  It doesn’t matter to them if this bill does what it says it will do.  It only matters that it gets their foot in the door to socializing more and more of our lives. 

I’ve heard twice today liberals say that this bill will decrease “the deficit.”  Of course, which deficit they mean is unexplained.  They say it will reform medicaid.  I’d like to say that they are wrong, but I don’t know.  This 2500 page bill was just made public 36 hours ago.  And even if I had room on my hard drive for it, I probably wouldn’t be able to understand all of the legalese, nor would I have the other legislation it points to.  And, with a cloture vote on this bill due to occur at 1 am Monday morning, I wouldn’t have time to read it anyway.  I did read part of the House version, and I didn’t understand a good portion of what was written. 

This bill will do one thing for sure.  It will put a government element into your relationship between you and your doctor.  Whether that element is a “healthcare exchange,” a “commission,” or some other government entity, your doctor will have to consider how much the cost of a test is before he orders it.  They do that now, but for a different reason.  Now, they have to figure out how much your private healthcare insurance company will pay to determine if you “need” the test, and they have to make sure they cover all the bases to make sure that if you sue, they did everything they could to diagnose you.  The new rules will only incorporate that first part.  If the government is your healthcare company, you won’t be able to sue a doctor if he screws up.  Not as easily anyway. 

What the new bill doesn’t do is more impressive, and would likely result in in real reform.  Tort reform, whereby the loser of a lawsuit pays the court costs for both sides, would reduce the number of frivolous suits.  A person wouldn’t take an insurance company to court IF THEY DIDN”T HAVE A CASE.  It also doesn’t allow the sale of insurance policies across state lines.  This would increase competition, and, as any high school economics student can tell you, prices would come down. 

Now, I was going to write a separate blog about this, but I am proud of my Senator, Saxby Chambliss, for calling this what it is.  Yesterday, he stated that the Nebraska deal is nothing but votes for sale.  It is corruption, plain and simple.  Senator Chambliss has stood by gun rights, the rights of the unborn, and for national security.  Unless he screws up royally, he will probably get my vote again. 

I think it’s time we look at what is going on in Washington and take stock.  The idea that these guys are voting against public opinion, since most polls show that the majority of Americans don’t trust the government to run healthcare, is an abomination.  The liberals say that people were against Medicare, too when it was proposed.  The result, a program that is 900% over what the government said it would cost, staring down the barrel of insolvency in as little as 8 years, and being rejected by doctors. 

Still think this is a good idea?


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