A Few Random Thoughts

Someone wishing you a Merry Christmas isn’t an invasion of you religious freedom.  It is an expression of it.  Keep your pinheaded opinion to yourself and wish the person a Happy Holidays or whatever other PC version of Merry Christmas you may use. 

It’s December, and my Denver Broncos are in the midst of yet another playoff meltdown.  New coach, same result.  Ironic, don’t you think? 

If you think the senate’s version of healthcare reform won’t eventually contain a “public option,” (if it already doesn’t), I’ve got some oceanside property in Baghdad for you.  Cheap!  And with the tax break for new home buyers, it’s a sweetheart, although Ben Nelson got a better deal. 

The shopping is almost all done, and I have done my part to stimulate the economy.  I hope I still have a job after New Year’s. 

I saw a headline proclaiming that home sales are up.  I guess this means we are all out of the woods and can return to some semblance of a normal life.  NOT!

The AP thinks Jimmie Johnson is the athlete of the year.  I thought auto racing wasn’t a sport. 

It did my heart good to see the Democrats sharing some Christmas cheer after they voted for cloture on  Monday morning.

The Who Cares Bowl presented by Tampax will be on tonight, pitting St. Mary’s School for the Blind against Billy’s Washing Machine Repair Tech School.  I hate bowl season.

Healthcare passed the senate.  Woo Hoo. 

Sometimes having a blog is better than having friends.  They are not mutually exclusive, but I hope it gets that way, because that means that everyone hates something about me. 

We exchanged gifts for Christmas on Christmas eve so we wouldn’t have to lug a bunch of extra stuff with us when we travel to visit relatives.  We will still lug a bunch of extra stuff. 

Here’s hoping you and yours have a MERRY CHRISTMAS.  Happy New Year is for wusses.


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