Free Healthcare to All, And to All (Here’s Hoping) a Short Life

Harry Reid and Senate Democrats are patting themselves on the back as they jet out of DC on their private jets, having passed the “most important social reform since Social Security,”  according to the anointed one, B. Hussein Obama. 

But they didn’t leave until they got their jabs in at Senate Republicans, whom Reid accused of “sitting on the sidelines” while the Democrats passed a really bad bill using tactics that only Bernie Madoff could be proud of.  This bill is 2700 pages long.  It contains a lot of pork, which doesn’t belong in a healthcare bill.  It also contains a provision whereby if a state has limits on medical liability lawsuits, the state doesn’t get federal money to fund Medicare.  I guess you can really rack up the bucks if you are an ambulance chasing lawyer.  The rest of us, however, are screwed.

Statistics show that 60% of Americans are on some kind of government assisted healthcare.  If this bill becomes law, studies show that the number will be more like 80%.  Can anyone say “Antitrust?”   The big question is who will pay for this.  The Democrat pinheads (President Obama included) have been going around saying this bill will actually reduce the deficit and insure more people.  The only way these charlatans could make this happen is to manipulate the CBO data and count savings twice.  Typical Democrat math.

Forget about the corruption and payoffs to get votes for this thing.  49 states are paying Nebraska’s way.  Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nebraska and Michigan are exempt from the new taxes to be levied on healthcare companies because they contributed money to get Democrats elected.  Sweetheart deals abound.  Unless, of course, you are a hard working American citizen who has your own coverage.  You are pretty much screwed.  That’s what  you get when Democrats are in charge.  Shady deals, pickpocketing the people in America who produce, and secret deals for friends and to buy votes.  Corruption 101. 

Democrats need something from us.  They need for us to pay more out of our pockets to government coffers.  They need for us to quietly take whatever they dish out, and passively accept the crumbs left over from our own labor.  Lastly, in order to save m0ney, the need for us to die sooner than later.  That nut Representative from Florida said that’s what Republicans want.  But, since the only thing Democrats seem to care about is money and lining the pocket of trial lawyers, maybe he was projecting a little.  I mean, if you live to be 80 instead of 60, that’s twenty years the government will have to pay your way.   And they can’t afford it.  So, have another Big Mac, watch some TV, and die quick.

I can complain about this bill all I want to, it’s passed.  Now the reconciliation process begins, and who knows what Frankenstein bill we’ll end up with.  I do know that we will pay for the benefits three years before we get any benefits.  I know that the cost of care won’t be reduced.  I know that this is trillion dollar bill that we can’t afford. 

But, the Democrats had to do SOMETHING.  I’ve said it before, if you walk up to the edge of a cliff, and you have a choice of doing nothing, changing course, or staying the course, it doesn’t make sense to walk over the cliff.  This bill walks us right over the cliff.  And our kids will ultimately pay for it.

The fight is not over.  Keep calling your congressman and senators to get this thing defeated.  The Democrats have to do it before November, when they will probably lose a few seats to Republicans in the mid term election.  And don’t forget how the fear you have right now feels.  Get to work helping a candidate you believe in, and we can defeat those am0ng us who would sell our freedom to our enemies.  We can defeat those who would take our liberty and individual rights.  And we must.  Because I don’t think CPR would be enough to revive our contry from the sickenss that is B. Hussein Obama.


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