I’m Back

Another successful holiday trip back to good ole Tennessee, and only minimal bloodshed on this one. (Our lab had a fist a cuffs with my mom’s cat) 

It’s been a little slow news wise over the last week.  Let’s recap:

A muslim man on a terror watch list was allowed on a plane coming to the United States where he tried to set off an explosive.  Our president’s response?  Finger pointing, mostly at the intelligence community.  Nice move Obie.  I wonder what will happen next.  Maybe Barak will blame Santa Claus if  Hugo Chavez takes over Brazil.   Certainly a lot of opportunities to apprehend this guy were missed.  Kind of like Osama Bin Laden.  And the intelligence communities did fail in that instance.  I hope we can see the importance of plugging the holes, without having to “illegally” tap the phones of people who call terrorists from the US.   I’m sure billions will be spent and little progress will be made.

Before ducking out of town on their environment-killing lear jets, the senate passed their healthcare bill.  Now we will see if the House of Reps and Senate can put their heads together to agree on how to best remove a big chunk of our freedom.

Urban Meyer retired, then unretired.  A news report came out today that after losing the SEC championship game, he woke up and tried to get out of bed but fell, complaining of chest pains.  He was then take to the hospital.  The university said he went to the hospital the next day and was diagnosed with being dehydrated. 

The Memphis Tigers smacked around IUPUI.  The UGA Bulldogs spanked Pepperdine.  Nebraska looks pretty tough on the gridiron, and the Colts lost for the first time this year after pulling their starters in the third quarter and replacing them with the JV.  The Jets could only score 38 points on the JV.  Can anyone say first round departure?

My Denver Broncos lost again on Sunday, this time to a good team, and must win on Sunday and get help to get into the playoffs.  Can anyone say first round departure?

After telling my Mom that we were only buying gifts for the niece and nephews, my brother got me a Christmas gift (first one in a long time).  I got to feel like a putz.  Why should Christmas be any different than any other day? 

I’m in trouble with my wife for some unnamed transgression.  Why should New Year’s be any different than any other day? 

That’s about it.  Oh, and we got rained on most of way up to TN, and got rained/snowed/sleeted on most of the way back. 

I’ll get caught up and comment more tomorrow.  Until then, keep it “bold and fresh.”


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