Airport Security and Barack Obama

President Obama is meeting with the big wigs in D.C. as I write this to figure out what happened when a Muslim extremist tried to blow up a Northwest/Delta jet bound for Detroit. 

Mr. Obama has been reluctant to call this a terrorist attack.  Maybe the airline “acted stupidly” in allowing a known radical, who is on a terror watch list, to board a plane without the airport cavity search, to which I have been subjected at least three times in the last five years. 

No, the problem is simple:  political correctness.

President Obama seems to think that there isn’t a real threat from radical extremists who wish to kill as many Americans as possible.  Maybe we can offer them some tea and cookies over a treaty of some kind and they’ll just give up.  We can’t (gasp!) profile young Muslim men.  We couldn’t kick a Muslim extremist out of the Army either, and he shot up a bunch of soldiers in Fort Hood. 

This has to stop.  I am not a threat.  86 year old ladies are not a threat.  Radical Muslims are.  Find out who these clowns are BEFORE they get on the plane.  I had to get fingerprinted to get a firearms permit.  Fingerprint these jerks and check their prints before they get on the plane.  Make them wait.  They make me wait if it looks like there is a two-inch long screwdriver in my carry on bag.  (It took about twenty minutes to get fingerprinted.)

But, in true cavalier spirit, there are those on the left who think that a few hundred dead Americans is an acceptable price to pay to avoid offending or humiliating anyone.  I guess, that is, unless you or someone you love happens to be on that plane. 

I’m fine with random checks for passengers.  But we need to make sure that we get the most likely people who want to do us harm. 

And I’ve had enough of the left saying that this is all our own fault.  Maybe we shouldn’t be trying to establish democracy all over the place.  Maybe we shouldn’t be trying to convert third world hut dwellers into modern, civilized citizenry.  But, as the world’s only remaining (for now) superpower, we have a responsibilty to help anyone seeking liberty to achieve it.  To say that our international policy somehow justifies the killing of Americans on any soil is ludicrous.  Here’s how this plays out:  if we storm into Iraq and kick a madman out of power and stick around to help rebuild the country, the extremists are mad at us.  If we do nothing and let the madman kill and rape innocent people, other extremists will be mad at us (never mind the effect on our conscience.)  If we do nothing to interfere with the operation of said country, but we are allies with Israel, the extremists will be mad at us.  We can’t win, no matter what we do, so we might as well free some people.  Guantanamo isn’t nearly as big of an Al Qaeda recruiting tool as the smirking President Obama on TV, apologizing with his “black comedian doing a white guy impression” accent and whistling every “s”  for America’s arrogance and unilateral decision making. 

Here’s a news flash, sparky:  if you want to protect your country from crazies with bombs in their shorts, you have to act without considering whether or not the thug in charge of Rwanda will find your actions distasteful.  If, on the other hand, you are attempting to weaken your country to the point where we have no choice but to join up in some “new world order,” then by all means, consult Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmendijad before you make some old lady strip down to her bra to inspect her sagging breasts for grenades.  And make sure and the the 23 year old Saudi standng in line behind her go without so much as asking a question. 

Maybe the idea of spending a few million bucks on some all over body scanners is a good idea.  Maybe the Body Scanner Lobby contributed to Obama and he’s paying them back.  Maybe the terrorists are still one step ahead of us, and will find yet another way to sneak explosives on an airplane, then, maybe, the administration will admit that it’s time to toss political correctness for the idea of making sure some nut can’t smuggle the Fat Man onto a 727 is probably the right thing to do.

I hear there’s a new SEIU.  It stands for Stashing Explosives In Underwear.  And I know the SEIU is/was big on Obama.


One Response to “Airport Security and Barack Obama”

  1. Mike Licht Says:

    Full-Body Scanners are so “old technology.”


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