Media Bias Apparent… In a Related Story, Sky is Blue

This MSNBC article, which is a reprint of an article from the Washington Post, clearly demonstrates the bias from the mainstream media, and from MSNBC as well. 

This article reads like the Three Little Pigs.  Except that all the huffing and puffing is coming from CONSERVATIVES.  This article makes it sound like the only people against this healthcare monstrosity are big corporations who stand to lose money if it’s passed.  It implies that donations are hidden from public view, just like the senate and house debate were.   AARP is for the reform, but the amount of money they spent to advertise isn’t clearly called out.  And AARP stands to make a ton of money if Medicare is reformed.  Their Medicare supplemental plan would see a rather large increase in subscribers if the Medicare supplement offered by Medicare itself went away.  No mention of that little nugget in this article.

Look, we all know that corporations spend money to make money, in marketing, advertising, and in Harry Reid’s case, buying votes.  If we look at the government like a business, they, too are in this thing to make more money.  The only difference is that the government doesn’t have to turn a profit, nor do they have to offer a superior product to the marketplace because they can write laws requiring you to use their product.  These businesses have to make money to continue to exist.  The government can operate at a deficit over a trillion dollars, and they can spend more money.  I’m not saying that these businesses are virtuous victims  in all this, but they do stand to be out of business if the government takes over healthcare completely, which is the aim of the president and the house and senate leadership.  They have all said they want a single payer system.  The best way to get that is to put the private insurance industry underwater and take over.  This bill will result in the destruction of our healthcare system and replace it with a government beaureaucracy that will boggle your mind. 

None of this comes as a surprise to me.  The mainstream media (and MSNBC) biased?  Only tell one side of the story?  NAAAH. 

How about the contributions on the left to promote this bill?  Labor unions trying to exclude themselves from the “cadillac plan” tax?  Doctors being paid off in separate legisltation to the tune of $240 billion?  All the accounting tricks to make this bill look more affordable than it is?  How about paying for it for years before the benefits start to make it look “deficit neutral”?  Not from the media. 

Of course, if the media was reporting on the sky color, it would be democrat/liberal/statist blue and conservative/republican/libertarian gray.


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