Moral Equivalency and the Democrat Party

Politico article above notes Glenn Beck’s tax issues and how they are resolved, berating Beck for going after the numerous tax cheats on President Obama’s staff. 

There is, however, one angle that is not covered in this story. 

Glenn Beck doesn’t work for the President of the United States, nor has he been elected to congress or the senate.  These men are responsible for writing tax code to be enforced upon the rest of us.  I’m not going to excuse Beck for making these mistakes, but he and his company rectified the problems when they were made aware of them.  If the Dems did so as well, good for them.  The difference is that Beck made his money in the free market, and the law makers had our money confiscated so they could have it. 

It is a big trust by the people of our country to trust our elected officials to behave in an ethical way.  They should be better than some hood on the street, yet, it appears that they are not; they simply look for ways to make a quick buck using their office as a ticket to do so.  Chris Dodd, embattled senator from Connecticut, bought several homes here and abroad using fishy financing.  Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary, didn’t pay some of his taxes.  These guys were trusted by the American public and by their apointer, President Obama.  If someone has made tax mistakes and fixes them as soon as they find out about them, okay, let them keep going as long as the penalties are paid in full and on time.  I don’t want someone with a lower credit score than mine to be running the federal reserve. 

If you are business for yourself and  you grow your business, certainly tax implications are a big part of that.  Beck and/or his company made some errors during transitions between cities, and some of the violations weren’t violations at all, simply not all documentation was provided as required.

This all goes back to the tax code.  If smart guys can’t fill out their tax forms right with the help of attorneys and CPAs, the code is too complex.  The government doesn’t want you to keep one more cent of your own money than absolutely necessary.  The tax code needs to be reformed with a true consumption tax.  I vote for the fair tax.  Not Nancy Pelosi’s “Value Added Tax,” or VAT.  VAT’s actually tax every link in the chain of production of a product if the product is improved.  This tax is passed along to the consumer in the form of higher prices for products.  The Fair Tax is an actual consumption tax, and requires that the Federal witholding tax be repealed.  Tax is only charged on new items sold retail.  This means that if you purchase a house that was previously owned, no sales tax.  If  you buy a used car, no sales tax.  Only when you buy something new is there any sales tax.

This has the benefit of removing the embedded taxes on products.  So, manufacturers don’t pay sales tax on their raw materials used in producing products.  This results in lower prices for consumers.  Studies have shown that a national sales tax at 23% would only marginally increase the cost of most goods.  Something that cost $!00 would only cost about $106 under the Fair Tax. 

You guys pay your taxes!   If your CPA and attorneys screw up, make them pay the penalties!  That’s fair.


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