Healthcare Transparency

Remember when President Obama was running for office?  He promised to the American people that negotiations on healthcare would be transparent, even promising to show the proceedings on C-Span. 

I guess promises are made to be broken. 

House Democrats met with the White House today, behind closed doors.  Again.  No Republican lawmakers were invited to the meeting.  The subject of the meeting?  To negotiate a deal where unions that have so called “cadillac” healthcare plans wouldn’t be subject to the tax required by the senate bill.   Liberals who are owned by the unions couldn’t allow that.  In attendance at the meeting?  SEIU president.  Other union leaders were also present.  I’m sure they were voicing their concerns over how the rest of us will pay for this bill. 

Come to think of it, I suppose this is President Obama’s idea of transparency is.  That depends on what your definition of “tranparency” is.  It may also depend on what your definition of “is” is. defines transparent as “open; frank; candid.”  I don’t think this process has met this definition.

Why would the president feel the need to have this process hidden from us, the American people?  Simple.  He knows we don’t want it, and no amount of shining up this turkey will result in a favorable opinion of the plan.  Democrats are fond of saying that Medicare was opposed by most Americans, and has been a resounding success.  I’m sorry, but costing 1000% more than they said it would and being nearly bankrupt hardly qualifies as a success.  Unless you work for the government. 

Elected officials are difficult to remove from office without being defeated in an election.  They have to break laws and get caught with their hand in the cookie jar, with bulletproof evidence, before anyone will even try to do away with them.  Unless they are a Republican and say something stupid.  Then, they have to go.  But a Democrat can say something stupid, and other Democrats can’t line up fast enough to defend his stupidity.  I don’t think Harry Reid needs to go because of what he said about President Obama during the campaign.  He spoke the truth.  It’s true that even the ill-informed American electorate would be reluctant to vote for a very black person with a gold tooth who spoke ghetto language.  Even guilty-feeling white liberals would have a tough time with that one.  No, Harry Reid needs to go because he is a statist, bordering on a communist.  His policies will put America on a path that will render this country unrecognizable as a free nation. 

If this healthcare debate is proof of “change you can believe in,” I’d rather go back to the beginning and start over.


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