Haiti Hit, Some Conservatives Go Nuts

I’ve heard some crazy things being said about the earthquake in Haiti, from both sides of the political spectrum.

This is not a political thing.  This is a human thing.  People are suffering, and the United States has the unique position in the world of being able to respond to disasters like this.  We should, and are, helping the people of Haiti.  It has taken some time to get mobilized simply because of the scope of the help needed and the fact that the government of the US is doing the mobilizing.  But we have people on the ground now in Haiti and help is trickling in.  Americans have donated millions of dollars for relief efforts.  That’s who we are.  We see a neighbor in need and we want to help.  No political ideals.  Just helping people. 

Conservatives have said some things that on the surface I agree with, but I don’t think this is time for this kind of stuff.  Sean Hannity said on his radio show the other day that he doesn’t see a big difference in an earthquake killing impoverished people and a dictator killing impoverished people.  I don’t either.  But I feel like President Obama has done the right thing to help the people of Haiti.  He is doing the wrong thing when it comes to the war on terror.  But that has nothing to do with what we should do to help the Haitian people, and it wasn’t the right time to say something like that. 

I’ve also heard crazy liberals saying that the destruction in Haiti was George W. Bush’s fault.  In almost record time, the leftists in this country blamed the former president for causing the misery through his policies regarding Haiti.  Not only is this the wrong time to say something like this, it’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.  Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere because they are governed by corrupt leftists.  Blame them for the poverty.  Blame them for the people being subjected to living in huts.  It’s most directly their fault. 

It’s time for us to put aside all of this political maneuvering and get the people who are hurt medical care, those who lost their homes shelter from the sun and rain, and those who lost their lives buried in a respectful way.  It’s time for us as a nation, to pray for those who are in need and give a little something to help.  Even in the worst of American economic times, our people give to help those in need.  Can’t say that about the North Koreans or even the French.

Find a good place to give a few dollars.  Help pack survival kits.  Help a church who is sending missionaries to equip them to help.  But let’s put the finger pointing away for a few days and get the job done. 

That’s what Americans do.


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