Air America a Goner

Al Franken’s brainchild, Air America, has gone Tango Uniform.  Declaring bankruptcy.  Now, calling Air America Al’s brainchild assumes Franken has a brain. 

This was supposed to be a counter to popular conservative talk radio.  It was supposed to take listeners away from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and the rest.  Apparently, two listeners isn’t enough to claim success. 

Anybody wonder why liberal talk radio isn’t as successful as conservative talk radio?  If you do, all you’d have to do is listen to it for about three minutes, which was about my limit.  Name calling.  Fact distortion.  Out and out lies.  Vitriol.  Hate.  For anything not ultra-liberal and in complete agreement with them.  Exchange of ideas?  Not on liberal talk radio.  It’s true that Limbaugh and Hannity have a few jock sniffers who call in and kiss their butts.  Liberal talk radio couldn’t even get callers.  And, since liberal men are generally ifemminite guys who don’t wear, or even need, jocks, no takers on the sniffing. 

Let’s hit a few high points of liberalism:  tax the rich.  Give to the poor.  Redefine who’s rich and who’s poor to fit whatever agenda you may have.  Abortions should be available to thirteen year old girls without even a phone call to her parents, but if the same girl brings aspirin to school for a sinus headache, she gets suspended. 

Let’s see, what else?  Oh, yeah.  Poor people wouldn’t be poor if the evil rich just gave them all the money they earned.  If they won’t give it freely, take it with draconian tax laws. 

Personal responsibility?  Nope.  Not to a liberal.  Every stupid thing a person does can be traced back to some event in their youth, some bully or teacher who said something to them in the third grade that caused the person to go into a busy convenience store and kill seven people.  Not his fault.  He’s a victim.

To a liberal, everyone is a victim.  Of rich white guys.  A 47 year old burger flipper is a victim.  Not a lazy student who didn’t take advantage of the opportunities afforded him by the taxpayers.  A coke addict who kills a tourist couple is a victim of society.  A mother who kills five unborn children using abortion as a form of birth control is a victim of her upbringing.  Her parents are at fault. 

How about freedom?  It’s an abstract idea to a liberal.  Freedom to a liberal means an artist can pour urine and feces over a painting of Jesus, funded by our money, and it’s art.  But if the artist is unfortunate enough to run into a group of people who beat the crap out of him, the beaters should fry, and we should all cry for the beatee. 

Justice?  A rich guy who embezzles a couple of hundred thousand bucks should get life in prison, but a black kid who kills other black kids because they were wearing the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood should get probation.   A terrorist captured on the battlefield deserves miranda rights and US taxpayer funded defense attorneys.  And, you can’t treat these guys too rough either, because as tough as they are, they can’t handle being made to stand around naked for a few hours to get important information.

Race relations?  To a liberal, black people are not capable of bigotry.  Only white people can be bigots.  Con men and shakedown artists like Jesse Jackson are to be revered, but a shop owner in rural Kansas deserves to be taxed into bankruptcy.  The mere sight of a confederate flag is enough to make a liberal hit the pavement, assume the fetal position, and start sucking his thumb.  To a liberal, the idea of prison populations being mostly black is a reflection of how unjust the justice system is and not a referendum on how much crime is committed by black people. 

Overall fairness?  To a liberal, it is absolutely fair to hire a black person over a better qualified white person, but it’s not fair to hire a white person over a black person who has similar qualifications.  When it comes time to cut people from your privately owned business, you better pay attention to things like skin tone and installed equipment when you lay people off or you will be sued.  It’s absolutely fair for a baseball player to make a stupendous paycheck, but the owner of the franchise isn’t allowed to make money.  A Republican president who doesn’t quickly swoop in to save the day after a natural disaster is a piece of crap, but a Democrat president who has the same problem has a problem with “beaureaucracy,” and gets a pass. 

The problem with liberalism is that their ideas DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE.  Not legal sense.  Common sense.  The kind of sense that tells you not to put a knife into an electrical receptacle.  The kind of sense that tips you off that pointing a gun at somebody could go wrong.  The kind of sense that informs a parent that kids need food and clothes to survive. 

So, wish a liberal a good day, and be sure to humbly convey your sincerest condolences over the death of Air America. 

They will probably ask “What’s Air America?”  Unless they are one of the two listeners the network had. 

Oh, and one last little tidbit.  Air America had trouble making money because they had to PAY stations to carry their bed-wetting programming.  Rush Limbaugh actually gets money to be on the radio. 

What a life.


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