Obama: Peace Can Be Bought


Okay, so we know about Mary Landrieu, we know about Ben Nelson.  These two will vote for a bad bill if the price is right. 

What about the Taliban? 

According to the NYT story above (via MSNBC) Afghan president Karzai is willing to try to get low level Taliban fighters into his government to try to ease the tension between the Taliban and the fragile government there.  Of course, these “freedom fighters” might demand government jobs and other perks, funded by taxpayers of the US, UK, and Japan.  Are these supposed “holy warriors” willing to turn their backs on their Al Qaeda ties and give up the jihad against the Great Satan for such a cheap price?  I’m a little skeptical. 

Look, these guys won’t even renounce violence against civilians.  The are already making demands that the current administration is reportedly considering, but they acknowlege that they won’t be able to get any high-level Taliban guys on board with any type of peace agreement with the west.  If you can take down an organization by taking out its leader, maybe any type of peace should also include the leader. 

The grass-roots approach does seem like it could work, but these people will kill themselves for the cause.  I’m not so sure we can simply take their word for it when it comes to denouncing Al Qaeda. 

Clearly this could be brilliant.  It could also backfire terribly.  And I don’t like the idea of spending a single dime of our money to employ a footsoldier who may have killed civilians and other Americans. 

I guess the Obama administration thinks everyone has their price.


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