SOTU Predictable

President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night was, well, predictable.  We’ve all seen these things before.  Old fogies in a room with fat girls wearing bright dresses, a lot of standing ovations for obvious comments, and talking heads galore before and after.  This speech was no different.  It seemed to reflect the desires and agenda of the speaker, but did have some rather surprising elements. 

On the way into work this morning, as my wife’s excellent coffee began to clear the cobwebs from my cloudy head, we discussed the speech and all the stuff that didn’t add up.  Like the numbers.  Any numbers.  Pick some.  They don’t add up.  But what I thought was most telling was how the president had details for some items in his speech.  For others he had only vague references to what we needed to do.  During the first part of the speech, while talking about the economy, he threw a sentence in there about educating our children in science and math.  He came back to this issue later, and offered more details at that time, but the speech had moments where it didn’t seem to flow too well. 

Specifics were talked about when talking about a jobs bill.  He appointed two congresspeople to a board and named them, as heads of a new beaureaucracy, one of four he said he would be forming.  He talked specifically about using money recovered from the bank loans to spur small business growth, even using an actual number.  ($30 billion dollars) He spoke specifically about jobs creation from the green energy market, specifically noting two companies that employ or will soon employ a total of about 2500 people across the nation.  He spoke specifically about becoming a leader regarding climate change.  He spoke specifically about still trying to get healthcare legislation passed, and he specifically told us what his plans for the middle class are. 

He spoke vaguely about securing domestic energy supplies, including oil and nuclear power.  He spoke vaguley about education of our kids and  about supporting our military families.  And there was a lot of vague rhetoric about working together, as well as accusing Republicans of voting no on everything just because they can.  He open scolded the Republicans in the senate.  He promised to issue and executive order in direct contradiction to the US Supreme Court’s decision on campaign finance.  He blamed George W. Bush for the economy and deficit three times.  He told partial truths and out and out lies about the numbers of jobs “saved or created,” although if you heard him, government jobs were saved.   He has claimed the stimulus package has created 3 million jobs, in spite of the fact that 7 million jobs have been lost in the last 18 months.

President Obama was disingenous, to say the least, on many points he made.  For instance, he promised to get rid of capital gains taxes for small business.  This one has been used before, and the problem with it is that most small business owners DON’T PAY CAPITAL GAINS TAXES.  They pay income taxes on what their business makes.  Kind of like forgetting you accordion when you show up to build a boat. 

At every turn, the answer to all the country’s problems is more government and more taxes.  Obama did say near the beginning of the speech that the engine that would drive America out of the recession is, and always has been, American business.  He didn’t say free markets.  He said American business.  Then, for the next hour, he railed against banks, blaming them several times for the economic meltdown and pitting them against regular Americans wherever it seemed a good place in the speech to do so.  He railed against Republicans who “vote no on everything just because they can.”  He railed against health insurance companies.  He expressed concern that Americans don’t trust corporations or the government any more.  Then he went on to say that more beaureaucracy and government programs (that are unfunded) are the answer.  That Republicans should work with Democrats to solve problems that face our nation (difficult for them to do that with the Dems negotiating behind locked doors and not allowing any Republicans in). 

Hey, President Obama!  Blaming Bush is getting old and even your own supporters may be growing a little tired of hearing it.  President Bush didn’t blame President Clinton for the recession he inheritied.  President Reagan didn’t blame President Carter for the recession he inherited.  Quit crying and get something done to really help the Amercian people.  Make it worthwhile to start and run a business.  Cut taxes, I mean really cut taxes, for families that are struggling.   No smoke and mirror gimmicks designed to make you feel better.  Quit spending.  If a business becomes too big to fail, create a backup plan that doesn’t include letting them continue to do bad stuff with our money.  Quit playing class warfare games and pitting groups of Americans against one another.  Going after banks and making them pay you back the money they borrowed, with interest, and then charging them some kind of arbitrarty fee means that they have less money to loan.  Expect tighter lending.  Most banks aren’t the Chinese.  They want the money they lend out back.  Quit trying to make us all the same.  I believe you should do somehting to improve the schooling our kids get.  We should make an effort to become energy independent NOW and IN THE FUTURE.  NOW means drilling, in the future means developing alternative fuels and technologies to replace fossil fuels.  Secure our borders.  Kill the terrorists.  Quit acting like a pansy whenever you meet a foreign leader.  Be strong.  Be American.

These actions will restore the American people’s trust in government.  Right now they are riding on a bus with a blind, deaf and dumb driver.  Open your eyes and prodigious ears.  Listen to what we have to say.  Otherwise, you will be a one term president. 

And not a great one.


One Response to “SOTU Predictable”

  1. Wallace Says:

    Yeah, I watched the first hour of the State of the Union and I can sum it up in one word;YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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